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What is the adsense ads limit? Why is ADS limit and what is the solution?


For those of us who make money from blogging through adsense, then of course adsense ads limit is a familiar word to us. Usually when the ads on the blog or website is limited , your site no longer shows ads. (ads limited AdSense)

Friends, through today’s article, I will tell you about the AdSense ADS limit, the reasons for the ADS limit and the ways to resolve the ADS limit.

adsense ad limit

What is AdSense ads limit?

Simply put, the AdSense ADS limit is the number of ads that are not shown or shown less on the AdSense site. If you convert the ads limit to Bengali word, it can be seen that the ad limit means that the ads are shown in a small form on the site.

If there is an ADS limit on your blog, you will be notified by e-mail from AdSense. You will receive this type of mail Ads limit placed on your site .


Remember, Adsense Ads does not show any ads on your site. Moreover, if you do not click on the ad, then many times the ADS limit can be. And even if he shows a few ads on your blog, the money will not be income.


Why is the ADS limit?

Google Adsense has always given priority to ethical work. For this reason, ADS limits those who think of making money from Adsense by using dishonest means as a punishment.

Moreover, the main reason for the ads limit (ads limit) is the invalid click on the advertisement of the blog or website. Here’s how to get invalid clicks and how to limit ads,

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Reasons for ADS limit

  • Invalid click.
  • Clicking on your own ad.
  • Forcing visitors to click ads.
  • Sudden increase in ad clicks.
  • Bring visitors to the site by traffic exchange or traffic bot.
  • How many visitors come from social media and how many visitors come from Google search engine.
  • Adsense ad placement is not done properly.

Invalid click

That’s why those of us who make money from blogging and adsense need to know what invalid clicks are. In fact, if you click on the ad in the wrong way, the  CTR increases a lot. And when the CTR suddenly increases, AdSense sets the ads limit (AdSense ads limit).


Clicking on your own ad

Remember that when the CTR is more than 10%, the chances of getting ADS limit increase. There are many people who click on their own ads to increase their income.

However, the opposite is true. Remember that if you click on your own ad, the ADS limit will come. Even if you click on the ad again and again from the same IP , there is still a possibility that the ad will be limited.


Forcing visitors to click ads

Many people cleverly publish content in such a way that if you want to see the content you have to click on the ad. To be honest, it’s annoying to visitors and unethical to AdSense.


Again, there are many people who give the AdSense ads link directly so that if visitors click, you will have income. If you do, remember that AdSense ADS will limit you for a while.


Sudden increase in ad clicks

If the number of clicks on the ad suddenly increases, then the ads limit may come. Suppose your adsense account receives 5 clicks per day, but suddenly 100 clicks a day, then Google Adsense treats it as spam and may limit ads.

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Bring visitors to the site by traffic exchange or traffic bot.

There are many people who increase traffic to the site by exchanging traffic bots or visitors without clicking on their own ads. But these types of traffic bots are generated from the same IP (IP) visitors to your site are considered spam and clicks are also considered spam.

For this reason, there is a possibility of ADS limit with the traffic on the site by exchanging traffic bots or visitors.


Bring more traffic from social media

There are many bloggers among us who create big pages on different social media and share the links of the content there and bring a lot of visitors. But this is a serious mistake. Because if organic visitors do not come to your site from Google search engine only visitors come from social media then there is a high possibility of ADS limit.

However, if the ratio between organic visitors and social media visitors to the site is correct then there is no problem. But if that is 10% of organic traffic and 90% of social media traffic then ADS will be the limit.


Adsense ads are not properly placed

There are many people who put a lot of ads on the site in the hope of more income through advertising from AdSense. This makes it very difficult for visitors to see or read the content.

Moreover, many times we can not put ADS in the right place. Placing too many ads in the wrong place can lead to ads on the site.


What to do if AdSense ADS limit?

If your site limits ads from adsense then adsense is not an opportunity to give any appeal or feedback. In fact the ADS limit is for a specified period. Then the ADS limit automatically goes up.

It is often seen that ADS limit is given for 1 month, again after 1 month the automatic ADS limit is lifted automatically. If there is an ADS limit, it must be remembered that work that is ADS limit can never be done again. Moreover, to get rid of the ADS limit, you must bring more and more organic visitors to the site.

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Ways or solutions to avoid ADS limit

The only way to avoid ADS is to follow the ethical path. Never click on your own ad again. Moreover, the same IP can not be clicked again and again.

The side has to be protected from all kinds of invalid clicks. For this you need to use cloudflare CDN as CDN on the site . Because, this cloudflare CDN will protect your site against all kinds of invalid clicks and bot traffic.

In addition, CloudFlare will protect your site from DDOS attacks. And remember, do not bring traffic to the site by exchanging traffic in any way. And there is no need to bring more traffic from social media.

Make sure that the proportion of traffic coming from organic or Google search engine and social media is correct.

And always install ADS according to the right rules. My suggestion would be to put 2 to 3 Adsense ads or advertisements in 1000 word articles. Never link directly to AdSense again.

Always try to get more traffic or visitors from Google search engine. And for this, while writing your content, you should do keyword research, write articles and do beautiful SEO.

Then there will never be a possibility of ADS limit from Adsense.


What we learned today

So friends, today we learned what is the AdSense ADS limit? Reasons to have ADS limit, what to do if ADS limit and what is the way or solution to avoid AdSense ADS limit?

Hopefully, you have no more problems with the ADS limit . If you have any questions or suggestions about this article, please let me know in the comments below. If you like it at the end, please share.


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