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Ancient aircraft and Bharadwaj


Maharshi Bharadwaj and Aeronautics : Ancient Vedic sage Bharadwaj recorded the information of various types of aircraft ( Vimana ) about 7000 years ago .

Introduction:  Bharadvaj Muni ,  also known as Gugu  ( IAST  (International Alphabet of Sanskrit Transliteration):  Bharadvāja ) or  Bharadvaj ,  Jupiter, was one of the  most revered  Vedic  sages ( Maharishi ) of ancient India , who was also a renowned scholar,  economist  and eminent physician. His contributions to the ancient Indian literary  mythology  and the  Rig Veda  , in particular, played an important role in observing the Indian society of the time. He and his student family   are considered to be the authors of the sixth book of Rigveda . Bharadwaj was a  Brahmin The father of the warrior  Dronacharya ,  Dronacharya is   one of the main characters of the  Mahabharata , who  was the trainer of both the Pandava  and  Kaurava princes.  He was the grandfather of Ashwatthama , a legendary warrior of the Mahabharata  . Dronacharya and Ashvatthama both fought in various battles of the Mahabharata on the side of the Kauravas. Bharadwaj   is also mentioned in the Charak Sanhita , which was the text of ancient Indian physicians. Maharshi Bharadwaj is referred to as the “Father of Herbal Medicine” ( Ayurveda ).

He is one of the seven sages mentioned four times  in the Rig Veda  and  the Satpath Brahman , and  has since been honored in the Mahabharata and  the Puranas .

In texts like Digha Nikaya , written in Buddhist Pali   , Tevizja Suta describes the discussions between the Buddha and the Vedic scholars of his time. The Buddha named  ten  sages  , addressed them as the “early sages”, and was the author of all the chants collected and chanted in his day in ancient times, and among those ten sages was Bharadwaj.

The ancient Hindu medical text  Charak Sanhita states that Bharadwaj, who had learned medical science from Devaraja  Indra ( King of Svarga planet) , pleaded that “poor health is hindering man’s ability to follow his spiritual journey”. After making this application, Indradev teaches both the method and features of medical knowledge. Hindu News

ancient aircraft

The contents of this post:

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Among the many books he has written, the most important are:



Vaimānika Shāstra

( ” Vaimanika Shastra “English meaning : Aeronautics )


The book covers aircraft construction, aircraft disappearance, destruction of enemy aircraft, identification of weapons placed under enemy ground during flight, darkening in front of enemy aircraft in front, showing the aircraft with a cloud-like look, giving different sound from aircraft, controlling aircraft sound. The instrument is arranged in eight chapters, including the aircraft becoming smaller or larger if necessary, the aircraft becoming a device like the current submarine while flying in the water, traveling with space aircraft. The book mentions the formation of three types of aircraft (Rukma, Sakuna, Tripura).

There is also a description of the various components of the aircraft and the 16 types of fuel for the aircraft.


16 types of fuel for the aircraft

There are descriptions of 7 types of motors,


7 types of motors

There are 12 types of controls when flying. There are 3000 verses in 8 chapters in this book. The description of the earth’s admorsphere is also in detail.

Plane hiding information in the clouds.


According to the book’s description, an airplane was round and could fly in the sky!


types of aircraft


Mercury was used in aircraft fuel and sometimes yellowish white liquid. The description suggests that the aircraft used both combustion engines and pulse-jet engines.

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tripura aircraft

pictures: pushpak Vimana , Art scoure: aloneworld.



1. There is nothing written in this book about how planes fly from the ground to the sky: to get this answer one needs to know the history of the author of the book. The book Aeronautics was written by Pandit Subbaraya Shastry  (1866–1940 ), who gave all the credit for the book to Sage Bharatdwaj thousands of years ago. This knowledge was possessed by another person at that time named Bapuji Talpade  (1864-1916 ). But the source of their knowledge of aeronautics is not known. Pandit Subbaraya Shastry did not write this book, he just dictated it and gave its contents to (Gotur VenikatAchala Sharma  )  . It took 5 years from 1918-1923 to dictate these contents completely, he (Gotur VenikatAchala Sharma) dictated these contents in 23EXERCISE BOOKS. In 1923, DK allowed a Dowtsman named Aleppo to re-dictate the design of the aircraft.

In  1923  , the British ( india side ) sent Pandit Subbaraya Shastry to prison for the activity of writing such a book.

Pandit Subbaraya Shastry died in 1940-41 before the book was officially published. He had earlier left this knowledge in writing to Pandit Gotur VenikatAchala Sharma. This book was preserved in Rajakiya Saskrit Library, Baroda  (1944 ). The book was first translated from Sanskrit into Hindi in  1959  .  About 50 of these books have not been officially published since  1923 , the first being officially published  in 1973, by DR GR JOSYER . He adds this history to the book. This important book  was  also translated into English in 1974.

This book does not cover how airplanes fly from the ground to the sky:


The answer may be:


1. The book is incomplete!

2. The complete knowledge of the book was not the scholar!

3. Pandit had full knowledge of the book, but before he could publish it he   was imprisoned in 1923 for publishing the book!

4. The Beatrice took over the missing pages of the book!

5. The book was completed in 1923  and published  in 1973  , but for some other reason the page may be missing.

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This book is written as “Brihat Bimana Sastra 1st episode ( the 1st episode of the great aeronautics) ” and the 40th episode of the Yant Sarvasb book.




power of ancient aircraft

This experiment was done by Dr. Maheshwar shaRon, Nano scientist, RETD propessor, (IIT BOMBEY), (EMERITUS), (CSIR AND UGC) and Scientist Dr. MADHURI SHARON.

aircraft power

From 1984-1990 , these two scientists conducted   research on the “Cave Pride Philosophy Instrument” mentioned in the book “Aeronautics” and proved that the instrument worked successfully.

Cannons or weapons from a plane use a few liquids, including sunlight, to alert the pilot in a matter of seconds.

Evidence of this:


Problem 3:

Many people at the time thought this book was a poor design for flying, and in the current English Wikipedia, Sampati History TV  , in a report in 2017  , made a 3D model and proved that planes of this design are capable of flying in the sky.


The California scientist also said that everything has been successful in the successful test of Tripura aircraft.

alien ship

Evidence from History TV:

Where can you find the book?

Google searchVaimānika Shāstra” is available for free reading on many websites including PDF in several languages ​​including English. The book is also available on many top ecommerce platform for 23-25 ​​dollars.

Source : Sanatan Live


It looks like a sack that encloses with a drawstring:

Ancient Aircraft

Ancient Aircraft

ancient aircraft

ancient aircraft

ancient aircraft

ancient aircraft

Extra :

ancient aircraft

ancient aircraft

powerful aircraft

The various ancient temples of the Hindus match the designs of the various aircrafts described in their scriptures. There are also descriptions of who uses these planes and what planet they are on. The size of the universe, the Big Bang theory, the 14 planets (where alien / animals live), as well as descriptions of many other planets and planets in many scriptures, of which the cosmology of the Vedas and Vishnu Purana are the most interesting.

vedic hindu cosmology

One Universe Hindu Cosmology

We will later explain the meaning of these images and the distances and locations of the planets from the Earth, with details about our universe, with references from Traditional (Hindu) religious scriptures.


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