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Top 3 Android Game Launchers


PC games have not yet become so popular in third world countries. But thanks to the easy availability of Android, mobile games like pubg and free fire have become very popular. If you like to play games like this then you must be feeling the need of a game launcher.

Android – Game – Launcher

If you have a lot of games on your phone then a good game launcher can organize your game apps and increase the performance of the system while you are playing. Android gamers have many options for game launcher, booster and combination app, but how do you know which launcher is best?

So let’s look at the top 3 game launchers for Android.

1. Google Play Games

google play game

If you are using an Android device then Google Play Games will act as a primary game launcher. As Google’s own product, its Google App integration makes it easy for users to access and link to their accounts. Integration with Google Play Store also allows this app to recommend new games for you.

Its main features

• The  Instant play:  installation, there is no need – immediately play the entire game, “instant play” .

•  Built-in Google games:  Solitaire, Minesweeper, Snake, PAC-Man, Cricket and Wheelbird can also be played offline.

•  Save your progress :  You can save your progress. Your progress is automatically stored in the cloud.

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•  Gameplay recording  and  gamer ID: Google  Play Games allows users to create a gamer profile with a custom gamer ID and automatically save progress to their account. You can also make a gameplay recording to capture and share your best gameplay. You can also live-stream and upload on YouTube.

Download : Google play

2.  Games Launcher  –  Booster and Screen Recorder

Games Launcher

Games Launcher provides high quality recording which can be further enhanced in Pro mode.

Ofir Miron’s Game Launcher organizes your games into a fascinating library that revolves around the home screen. You can sort the apps as you like and customize the display color.

You can also ask them to turn on Do Not Disturb (DND) mode when you start a game Will help to play comfortable games. Another great advantage of this is being able to stop advertising.

This will work well if you want to live-stream a simple game but if high-power game or live-streaming is your priority then there are better options.

Download : Game Launcher

3.  Games Launcher  –  Game Booster  4x

Game Booster  4x

If you are looking for a launcher that focuses extra on enhancing the performance of your device, G19 Mobile Game Booster 4x might work great for you. It has a one-touch system booster and auto-gaming mode that optimizes your gaming experience, especially when you launch a game.

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This launcher of G19 Mobile focuses more on increasing the performance of the system. Games Launcher automatically clears RAM and selects the most optimal settings for each game using Mode AI. The G19’s game booster has a GFX (graphic effects) tool that can convert game resolution to HDR 1080.

The G19 Mobile Game Booster 4x helps you get your game up and running faster with all these customizable options so you can play like a pro.

Download: Game Booster 4x

Suggestion:  If you are looking for a high speed launcher then Nova Launcher may be the best option for you because it is included in such fast, efficient as well as light weight category.


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