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How android spy app Can Be Advantageous To Reclaim Parenting Power?


Black moms hold a special position in the household and no one can deny this fact.  Black parents are different, though our generation is somehow losing that specific power and aura and I will simply blame social media and the modern lifestyle for that.  We had a schedule to follow in our time, and when last night right on the dinner table my son announced that he may be spending the night in his friend’s house I was furious. This is not the protocol. You had to start making up the mind of your parents about a month ago for sleepover plans. This is not how you do things in the black neighborhood. But the way he comfortable announced and then went right away proved that I may have failed many black mothers’ power positions.   Though his dad tried to make things calm and told me I was being over-sensitive and dramatic but kids these days have the power to make you insane within seconds. You will be doing all fine and normal and they will say one sentence or show you one thing or do anything you will be smashing your head to the walls in your imagination. Ladies and gentlemen when he made the announcements in front of younger sisters like it’s no big deal I was smashing my head in the kitchen wall in my imaginary world.

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Anyway, I was thinking about making some tough choices for a time but this thing triggered everything. I have been looking for a parental control app for teenagers and finally, I decided to use the android spy app as my only choice left to keep a check on my kids. He was behaving very wild for a few months and I was wondering maybe it’s the company or the hormone or both. So to find the truth I checked the details about the android spy app and I am going to share everything with you.

Its Budget-Friendly:

One of my main concerns was the budget as I was planning to get the app for each kid. But thankfully the OgyMogy android spy app offers budget-friendly bundle deals. One can get a monthly ., seasonal, or even a yearly bundle without any discrimination of basic or advanced features.

It Notifies About The Whereabouts of the Kids:

You can simply check the live pinpoint location of the kid at any given time with the GPS location tracking feature.

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You Can Hear Them When they Are With Company:

Mic bug feature lets you listen to all about their chat, discussions when they are with the company. It is indeed one of my favorite features offered by the OgyMogy android spy app.

It Lets you Watch Them :

The camera bug feature lets the user control the front and rear camera of the target person. You can simply watch them and their activities by using their own camera. This can help the parent to track any weird activity around the kid and take timely action right away.

Secret Notification About Screen Activities:

The screen recording feature also allows the user to watch the screen at any given time. You can even check the activities with screenshots and short videos saved by the android spy app.

Bother To Check the Violent Games and Apps:

Access to all the installed android spy app lists can let the parents know about any violent game an obsession or dating app addiction.

Take A Look At Their Facebook Account:

The Facebook spy app offers insights into all the facebook activities of the kid.

Know About Geo-Fencing :

You can even mark a safe and restricted zone on Google Maps for the kids. Get notifications about any secret hangout places or if your kid skips the school.

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How About Access To Digital Diary?

Keystroke logging allows the user to know about any activity that involves a keypad.

In case you are in search of something other than the android spy app then still you are at the right place. The OgyMogy app offers Mac and Windows spy app versions as well for the user. You can simply keep a check and keep an eye on every smart gadget of your teen thanks to OgyMogy.


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