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Why all the planets revolve around the sun


The gravitational force causes the sun, planets, and stars to rotate. For this attraction the earth revolves around the sun, the moon revolves around the earth …. But is there any magic in the force of gravity with which he orbits cosmic objects in this way? That is what I will try to understand today.

That being said, seeing apples fall from trees to the ground raises questions in the mind of scientist Newton and he discovers the law of gravity In fact, that is not the case. Isaac Newton moved to his home in Lincolnshire from the University of Cambridge when a deadly plague broke out in Europe between 1665 and 1666, about three and a half centuries ago.While spending lazy moments there, he realizes that different objects in the universe attract each other. This is the force of gravity, which depends on how big the objects are and how far they are from each other.

Image: Members of the solar system, including the earth, revolve around the sun under the influence of a gravitational ball.

According to Newton’s law, if you move the sun, the earth will also move under the influence of the gravitational ball. Because, they are bound to each other by the gravitational ball. According to this formula, this force acts instantly on two objects in space from one position to another. Besides, it works faster than just the speed of light, its speed is infinite!

In ancient times, Newton’s discovery was groundbreaking. Everyone has seen the planets, stars and other objects in the universe revolve around each other before. Everyone understood that it was because of the attraction of each other. But how this attraction works, he did not know until then. Newton was the first to give a scientific explanation and also discovered mathematical formulas.

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But two questions remain. First, the sun has no limbs or is not tying the earth with a rope. So how is the sun pulling the earth from 93 million miles away, how is the gravitational force working? Another question is, does this force of gravity act instantly, but does it work faster than the speed of light?

Einstein answered these two questions. About two and a half hundred years after Newton, he discovered the Special Theory of Relativity. By this Einstein showed that objects in the cosmos affect the surrounding space in such a way that the gravitational force is activated. He also discovered that nothing in the world could move faster than the speed of light.

Then there was a slight discrepancy between Einstein’s theory and Newton’s formula. There is no doubt that Newton’s law applies to the solar system. But Newton himself could not explain how the gravitational force attracted each other from so far away. He also mentions this failure in the footnote of one of his writings. But for almost two hundred years it was unknown to everyone. Einstein was the first to think about this.

In the end, Einstein came to the conclusion that the force of gravity must have been applied by space. But how, that is the question. In 1915 he presented a complete mathematical formula on the subject. His brilliant explanation is as follows: Under the influence of objects like the sun and the earth in space, the space around them is curved.This curved shape of space affects the movement of other objects as they pass by. Thus the force of gravity works through space.

Image: The mass of the sun bends the space around it. That is why we do not see distant stars in the correct position.

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Einstein’s discovery completes Newton’s law of gravity. Einstein was then working as a professor in Berlin. He was inducted into the Prussian Academy of Sciences. At this time he divorced his wife Mileva Maric. The wife moved to Zurich with her two children. This difficult time, however, also brought him a rare opportunity.He worked day and night. Thus, on November 25, 1915, he presented the mathematical formula for the Special Theory of Relativity at the Prussian Academy of Sciences in Berlin. Through this formula it is possible to know and understand the gravitational force more deeply. November marks the centenary of Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity.

In this way we can give an explanation of how the gravitational force works through space. Suppose I roll a marble over a piece of wood with a flat back. Then the marble will roll straight. Do not bend back and forth. But if the surface of the piece of wood soaked in water becomes crooked, the marble will no longer roll straight, it will go crooked.In the same way, when the space around a space is curved by the effect of an object in space, other objects move in a curved path as they pass through that space. That is why the earth revolves around the sun in an elliptical way. In this way the force of gravity is affecting the movement of the earth from so far away.

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Einstein’s special theory of relativity also proves that the speed of any object in the world cannot be greater than the speed of light. He also gave mathematical proof of this.

According to Einstein’s theory, in order for the light of a distant star to reach the earth, it must turn in a crooked way as it passes by the sun. It was necessary to check whether it was right or not. But during the day the stars are not visible in the sky. So how can it be seen that the light of the stars turns in a curved path or not?

Scientists thought it was possible to test it during a solar eclipse. Then all around became dark. It can be seen by checking the direction of the light of the stars at that time. But the date of the next solar eclipse was May 29, 1919. Scientists are forced to wait until that time. During a solar eclipse on a given day, scientists took pictures of total solar eclipses from places such as Brazil and the west coast of Africa. They saw that the light of distant stars was turning in a crooked way by the side of the sun. This proved that Einstein’s theory was correct. Thus Einstein’s groundbreaking discovery proved the General Theory of Relativity. And the scientist Albert Einstein became famous overnight.


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