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Mistakes that need to be avoided as a new freelancer


Many young people in the country are leaning towards freelancing keeping in mind the great opportunity to make a career in freelancing. However, in the hope of earning money from freelancing, many people are struggling to stay on this competitive platform due to lack of proper guidance. Let’s take a look at the mistakes that new freelancers need to avoid.

avoided as a new freelancer

Work for free

As a freelancer it is very important to organize your portfolio. However, it is said that do not work for free if anyone wants. Nowadays it is not a difficult task to create a website by choosing the best works.

If you have an idea or knowledge about the website, you can arrange your work in PDF or Google Docs and present it to the client. Avoid working for free as much as possible.

Suffering from lack of confidence

It is important to have self-confidence before others hire you. In the case of freelancing work, one should not be in doubt about one’s skills or qualifications It destroys self-confidence.

Just because someone is willing to pay you for your work, does not mean that your labor is worth it. You must evaluate yourself and your skills. Keep up the good work.

Working at a very low rate

At the beginning of the journey on the freelancing platform, many people charge very low rates for various difficult tasks. But it is not right Find out what the standard minimum charge is for the work you are doing in the field of freelancing and do not work at a lower rate.

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As a result of doing any hard work for less money, you will waste your time and labor. Along with other freelancers you will be harassed by the same client for working at a lower price for this nonsense. So in any case, at least charge a minimum standard fee for your work.

Provide free samples to everyone

If a company or client wants free samples of your work, do a thorough research on them. In such cases some clients get their work done using free samples and as a freelancer you may be a victim of fraud.

If a client wants a free sample of your work, show that portfolio to that client first. Even if a big company wants a free sample, think twice.

Not recognizing bad clients

The journey of freelancing like in real life can be met with some bad people. If this is your current client’s condition, try to avoid such clients as much as possible. Find the right opportunity without wasting time with these clients.

Apply extra pressure on yourself

Many people forget to consider their physical and mental health by carrying the burden of extra work on their shoulders. However, the idea of ​​confining oneself to work pressure is not an advantage.

If you try to do more than your physical capacity, you will miss the deadline and start making unwanted mistakes under pressure. Know the limits of your abilities and try to have an idea of ​​how much you are capable of doing in one day, one week and one month.

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Try to take as much time break as you need. Freelancing does not mean spending every second in the middle of a busy day. Try to work smart and try to establish a good relationship.

Missing deadlines

It is very important to avoid the mistake of missing the deadline. Missing deadlines in the process of cornering yourself under the pressure of work is foolish. If you have the potential to miss a deadline, be sure to let the client know in advance.

Working without contract

Regardless of the type or level of work, freelancing must avoid working without a contract. Contract is a very important issue when it comes to freelancing.

Include in your contract any information related to payment, deadline, work submission and any information related to client or freelancer relationship. Not only freelancers but clients also benefit from the contract.

Don’t ask for reviews

Some freelancers think that it is wrong to ask for reviews from clients. However, this idea is not true. At the end of the work, you must ask the client for a review of your work experience.

This process should not be a difficult one for you if you are confident about your work and work quality. In the same way you can share your experience with the client.

As a result you can establish a good relationship with the client as well as get positive reviews or ratings from the client. You can display significant ratings or reviews of your work on your portfolio website.

Not looking for long term clients

There is no end to the work in the freelancing world, just as this information is true, so is working with long-term clients to get more benefits. It is possible to earn quick income in less time by working on the project.

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But it is better to find long-term clients who will regularly pay you for a certain number of hours or a certain amount of work. In this way, by establishing a long-term relationship with the client, it will be possible to control your time, while your financial situation will be dynamic.

Not lifting yourself properly

Many new freelancers are waiting for their clients to come. It takes a lot of time to get the job done. Instead, you can contact the person or organization that is compatible with your work and inform them about your services. Even if you do not get the job immediately, the company may give you a job in the future.

Not to create multiple sources of income

The biggest problem with being a freelancer is financial instability. So instead of relying solely on freelancing to improve your financial situation, make arrangements to find multiple ways of earning.

For example, if you are a content writer, you can publish your own writing on your own website. Also any type of freelancer can earn money by affiliate marketing if they want. You can open a YouTube channel and sort your writing into video.

This is a discussion about freelancing as well as additional ways of earning income. You can also earn money through webinars or courses if you are good at what you do.

The bottom line is that in order to maintain financial well-being, try to have one or more sources of income in addition to freelancing.

So, how did this article feel? Are you a freelancer? Let us know your opinion in the comments.


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