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Baby care in winter


Winter has begun to fall. At this time children are affected by various skin problems. Allergies, colds, coughs, sore throats, fevers, pneumonia are some of them. These diseases are mainly due to dry weather and high dust in the environment.


At the beginning of winter, children should be kept away from cold air and dust. Children should be made to practice using face masks when they are taken to or from school. Ginger-lemon tea, gargling in hot water, honey, basil leaf juice etc. can be fed to the child with such problems. If the problem is more, you have to seek the help of a doctor.

Baby care in winter

Use hot water


Children should be given light lukewarm water. It is better to use neem leaves in the bath. After waking up in the morning, children should use light lukewarm water for various activities including brushing their teeth, washing their hands and face, and eating. Even in winter, the baby should be bathed regularly with lukewarm water. In the case of a newborn or a child with a cold problem, the whole body can be wiped by soaking the cloth in hot water.

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Wear warm clothing

Children must wear warm clothing. However, according to the doctor, it is not right for children to wear woolen clothes directly. She should wear cotton clothes and wool. The dress must be of soft fabric.



In winter, the tendency of children to eat decreases. Eat nutritious food frequently. Egg yolks, vegetable soup, fruit juice should be fed. Carrots, beets, tomatoes are also quite beneficial. In addition, you can cook and eat mixer with different types of vegetables. Avoid foods that cause allergies.


Baby skin care

Children’s skin is much more sensitive than adults. So their skin is much more rough. Use baby lotion, baby oil, glycerin etc. on baby’s face and body.


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