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Why baby is not healthy


Many of us complain that feeding my baby all kinds of food does not increase his weight or heightWhy is this happening? You have to remember that there is a thing called genetics. I’m not saying that everything depends on genetics alone. There are many more issues. The most important of these is mother and mother care. Which many of us have completely forgotten.

baby is not healthy

You have been taking extra care of your baby since he was born. Very good But did you know that caring for your baby should have started while it was still in its mother’s womb? Have we ever considered that? What we are doing is – the baby is six months old, from now on we want to feed him all the food at once along with breast milk. We buy food according to all the needs of the child, sometimes we buy in excess of the demand. But everyone seems to be quite indifferent about mother’s health.


But no, the baby’s nursing should have started during the mother’s pregnancy. Or much earlier. You must be surprised to hear that the baby needs to be taken care of before pregnancy, right? No wonder, you heard right. Well, if the mother’s health is not good, then how will the baby’s health grow normally? So take care of mom first. Before conceiving, see if the mother is malnourished or overnarid. Just as it is very important to take care of the land before sowing seeds in the farm land, it is also very important to take care of the mother before conceiving a baby. If the land is not fertile, the crop will not be of good quality. Similarly, if the mother is not healthy then the baby will not be healthy. A healthy normal mother can give birth to a healthy normal baby.
Then take care of the mother even when she is conceiving. Take a look at mom’s food. This direct care of the mother will be considered as indirect care of the child. Look not only at the food but also at the physical and mental health of the mother. At this time the mother’s mental state is very important. In most cases, the mother’s mental health can be very shaky at this time. Family support is very important for mental health status. Some physical problems can also be seen. But everything is curable. Remember, you can expect a healthy normal child only if the mother is healthy and strong. So make sure the mother is well before the baby’s health.

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Let me give you one or two examples. Suppose the mother’s hemoglobin level is much lower than normal during pregnancy. If you can’t quickly raise the hemoglobin level in the mother’s blood, your baby will be deficient in oxygen. As a result, any part of the baby may be partially or completely useless or your baby may be special. In that case you can’t expect a healthy baby.


If you have hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism during pregnancy, and if you do not treat it properly, it can be a problem. Even then, you can’t expect a healthy baby.


If the mother is not healthy, but after the birth of the child will not get breast milk properly, or not at all. Which is essential for the growth of the child.


So take care of the mother before the baby. Be aware of maternal health. Be sure to consult your nutritionist if necessary.


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