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The union of Black Holes


The strange and terrible mystery of the Black Hole:

What if all the Black Holes in the Universe collided with each other?

What is a Black Hole?

Maybe everyone knows. However, if no one knows, I am telling them. A Black Hole is the giant black space in the universe whose gravitational force is so great that it can absorb all the planets, satellites, Stars and even light that come to it. Light cannot come out of its gravity so its color is black. Naturally you understand why it is called a Black Hole.

There are four main types of Black Holes we see.

what are the 4 types of Black Holes?

1. Stellar Black Hole.

2. Supermassive Black Hole.

3. Intermediate Black Hole.

4. Miniature Black Hole.

The nearest black hole is about 1600 light-years from Earth. One light year means we can go as far as one year in the speed of light. This means that the distance can be covered in 1 year at a speed of 3 lakh kilometers per second.

As far as space can be seen from Earth, there are about 100 billion galaxies in it. And each galaxy has hundreds of Black Holes of different sizes. Those mistakes are always made to pull everything that comes to his event horizon towards himself. But what will happen?

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If all those black holes come close to each other!

We can’t see those Black Holes. Some say they do not exist. However, we can understand their existence when large stars revolve around it.

Almost all galaxies we know have a Black Hole at the center. Which eats the galaxy from the middle of it like a tiny monster. From them the ionized meter is scattered at the speed of light.

Some Black Holes are so large that their size cannot be explained in our favor. The largest Black Hole ever found is 17 billion times larger than our Sun. The supermassive Black Hole at the center of our Milky Way galaxy is called Sagittarius A. These monster-sized Black Holes are four points one million larger than our Sun.

It is located 26 thousand light years away. And as we read this topic, that Black Hole is destroying matter five times the weight of our moon. Maybe it’s not too much from the center of our galaxy. Because we can call Sagittarius A a sleeping joint. However, it can wake up if it collides with another Black Hole.

We are always discovering new information about it. Many people say that black holes do not move from one place to another. But this is not true at all. Recently Hovel Telescope Black Holes were caught. Surprisingly, it was moving away. Maybe from one place to another for some reason. It came out of its Galaxy.

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It is currently running at a speed of about 2 thousand kilometers per second. This means that a wandering Black Hole is orbiting in space, which is about 1 billion times larger than our Sun. There was something that forced the Black Hole to move. Maybe another black hole bigger than him.

This time, if that supermassive Black Hole came to our galaxy, the catastrophic cosmic event would be unimaginable. There are millions of Black Holes in space, which we can’t finish. But if those Black Holes come close to each other and collide, the universe we know may be completely destroyed.

There are some big supermassive Black Holes that will swallow the small ones very easily. They will turn into bigger Black Holes than before. If the Black Hole that is the center of our galaxy, the center of the galaxy Endomeda, if they collide with each other and all the black holes in the vicinity merge with it. But maybe the big Black Hole that will form could destroy the two galaxies.

All the stars, planets, stars will disappear in that black hole in an instant. Due to that monstrous gravitational ball, they will collide with him, one planet will collide with another planet or star, all will be destroyed in an instant. All the sky will be created and new Black Holes. The phenomenon could happen because we are slowly moving towards the Endomeda galaxy.

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If humans existed 3 million years later, on Earth, humans would be able to see the Endomeda galaxy with the naked eye in the night sky. And it will gradually come closer. And one day it will collide with our galaxy. After the collision, the two galaxies will merge together and produce a Black Hole so large and powerful at its center that we have never seen it before.


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