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9 good books of English literature


Book is One of the entertainment and educational activities. There is no one who does not want to get lost in the world of stories. There is hardly a better companion than a book in leisure. There is hardly a rich literature in the world like English literature.

There are many books that are simply written – very useful for beginners in English literature. At the same time, these are as easy to read as they are easy to read. These books can be read and lost in imagination, these are stories to enjoy.


1. The Wind in the Willows:

The background to this immortal creation of Kenneth Graham is the countryside of England. In this book, the author has brought to life various animals living on the banks of the river. The story of the book has progressed through their various activities, adventures and humorous works. Although originally written for children, the book is enjoyable for everyone, young and old. Graham’s simple writing and excellent story will draw everyone.


2. Lord of the Flies :

Written by William Golding, this book is one of the most famous books in English literature. The book is considered a modern classic and has been included in school textbooks in many countries. The story of the book is about some teenagers.

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They are trapped on a lonely island, then build a world like their own. The story goes on with the good and bad of their own society. The author’s description is very dramatic and colorful. As you read, it will feel as if you have gone to the island by yourself, living in that society!


3. The Old Man and the Sea:

Even though we haven’t heard the name of this book, we have all read some parts – as a comprehension of the first letter in English! The main character in this timeless creation of Ernest Hemingway is an old sailor. Hemingway writes in a very simple and straightforward manner, which is very useful for new readers. As you read, your mind will automatically get lost in the deep sea.


4. Animal Farm :

The book is said to be George Orwell’s best work. Although the main story revolves around a farm and its animals, the metaphorical meaning of this book is very deep. It is a satirical article against the tyrannical rule of Joseph Stalin, and also criticizes the structure of socialism. Maya will come to you on horse boxer and pig snowball while reading, and you will suffer from Napoleon’s oppressive activities.

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5. Tuesdays with Mori :

The book is based on his various humorous discussions with Mori Schwartz, a university teacher from author Mitch Album. The book contains many important lessons along with funny stories.


6 . The Giver :

The protagonist of this book by Lois Laurie is a teenager who lives in a society where there is no smell of freedom. The story of this book, written in short sentences, captures the attention from the very beginning.


7. High fidelity :

If you like music, you must read this book by Nick Hornby. The protagonist of the book, Rob, runs a gramophone record shop. The story of the book goes on to discuss various interesting stories and music.


8. Fantastic Mr. Fox :

Rold Dahl is one of the pioneers of English children’s writing. His book describes the various tricks of a fox. This funny story has been a best seller for many years as a favorite of children.


9. Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone:

JK Rowling’s Harry Potter series occupies a special place in literature. Not just as a fantasy, but in any kind of literature. The first book in the Harry Potter series is Philosopher’s Stone, a story that begins with eleven-year-old Harry.


The story of how a neglected child sleeping in a staircase finds the world of magic, and how he overcomes one obstacle after another with new friends, is fulfilled in the next six books in the series. The language of the book is very simple, and the story is very nice. If you haven’t read it, read this book today.

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