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Businesspally inkle Conversion Rate Optimization for Websites


Paid ads in the search engine, content marketing or improving your page speed – almost all online marketing measures are aimed at generating or increasing conversions in the long term.

Ordinary visitors should convert and become buyers. You can find out how to optimize your conversion rate in this article, but before that, let’s clarify what conversion is all about for online businesses.

Businesspally inkle Conversion Rate Optimization for Websites

What is Conversation Rate

According to businesspally, the conversion rate is a KPI in online marketing that provides information about the ratio of clicks or page views to conversions.

Conversion is the transformation of prospects into actual customers or buyers, that’s the general idea.

An example: The Farmpally website is visited 100 times a month, in ten cases the booking process for chicks is completed and a pack is ordered.

In this example, the conversion rate is 10% since 10 people that visited actually made an order from the farm site.


Definition of a conversion

A conversion can be defined individually and does not always have to be the purchase of a product.

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It can also be a matter of subscribing to a newsletter or downloading a catalogue, for example.

You’re probably wondering what a good conversion rate is. Unfortunately, we can’t tell you that in general..

The conversion rate depends on many factors, most notably the industry you work in.

You will find many articles on the Internet that give you current benchmarks for the conversion rate.


Goals of Conversion rate Optimization

The goal of the conversion rate is obvious: to maximize sales. But optimizing the conversion rate targets even more aspects.

Through usability optimization , users can, among other things, navigate more easily through the website and thus find the desired product more quickly.

Customer satisfaction is increased in this way. In addition, the return on investment (ROI) can be increased, chaktty reinstated.


Which Factors Influence the Conversion rate?

A good conversion rate is due to various aspects. We would like to present the most important factors for this in the following:

Pagespeed – Even a few milliseconds longer loading time can lead to a higher abandonment rate.

Usability & Design – A modern, clearly structured design and a user-friendly structure of the website ensure simple conditions and navigation.

Communication – Benefits and characteristics of a product or service should be clearly communicated.

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Credibility – Especially when buying high-priced products, users look for credible, reputable websites.

Mobile First – Responsive web design should be the standard by now.

Step by step optimization of the conversion rate

To begin with: increasing conversions is not a project that can be implemented “quickly”.

There isn’t just one set screw that needs to be turned, because optimizing the conversion rate consists of many measures.

A targeted approach that starts with the analysis and does not end with the first implemented measure is all the more important: It is an ongoing process in which measures are repeatedly checked and adjusted.



Optimize the conversion RATE and increase sales, says Techpally editor.

As you can see, conversion rate is a metric that all marketers should keep an eye on.

Increasing conversions is not a one-time project but a long-term process.

Optimization requires a great deal of knowledge in order to identify the appropriate measures and implement them effectively.

Do you invest a lot of time and money in your measures, do you not see any effects on sales despite the increasing

number of sessions?

As a certified online marketing agency, Techpally agency canhelp you increase conversions.


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