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Buy a laptop or desktop? Which is better?


Both laptops and computer desktops are available in the market today, but their function is the same. The same thing that can be done with a laptop can be done with a computer or desktop. We all have a common problem when buying a laptop or desktop because their work is one. And the common problem is which of the two to buy! Buy a laptop? Or buy a desktop?

Buy a laptop or desktop

The issue of laptops and computer desktops varies from person to person. However, the answer to the question of which of the two to buy is not easy at all. So it is not impossible to find out whether you will buy a laptop or a desktop. But with a little thought, things get easier.

Some Ways to Increase Computer Speed ​​First you decide if laptop is good for you or desktop is good. Then read the following points carefully and think for a while then hopefully you will reach your conclusion. So let’s get started –

1. Buy a laptop for that reason; Advantages of:

Portability: This is the only feature of the laptop that keeps the laptop a hundred times ahead of the desktop. Portability is a deadly thing in today’s busy world. Whether it is office work or homework or college-university laptop is the first requirement. If you need portability then buy a laptop without any other worries.

Comfortability: Comfortability is a different kind of fun when using a laptop. As the laptop is portable, you can easily open the laptop and use it on the bed, table, bus or in the field wherever you need. You do not have to face any difficulty in this at all. So in terms of comfort, the laptop is definitely ahead of the desktop.

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Power backup: The main driving force of all the electronic devices in the world is electricity. However, due to the shortage of electricity in Bangladesh, it is often seen that there is no electricity during working hours. As a result, many difficulties have to be faced. Doing any emergency work is also stopped. But if you have a laptop, then you do not have to worry about load shedding. This is because the laptop already has a power backup attached. Which allows you to work for two to three hours or more without any hindrance.

However, the reader has known the advantages of the laptop for so long. But there are some disadvantages as well as advantages, let’s find out what are the disadvantages or limitations of the laptop.

The disadvantages or limitations of laptops are:

Laptops often have to deal with lagging and many other problems when it comes to performing heavy tasks such as video editing, graphics design, web developing, etc. So if you need to do heavy work like this then you can’t do much with laptop. However, there is a way, if you want to do high quality work, you can get a desktop within the budget, while you can buy a laptop with two to three times more budget than the desktop, you can do almost those things.

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You can call a laptop quite expensive. Because it costs a lot more than the desktop. So if you want to buy a laptop, you must count the extra money.

2. Buy a computer desktop for that reason; Advantages of: –

Availability: Desktops are much cheaper than laptops. It is possible to buy a good desktop only if you have a fairly quality budget. As the prices are much lower, middle and lower class people can afford to buy desktops. So if you want to save money from laptop to desktop is the best option.


Hyperperformance: The best aspect of a computer desktop is its performance. In terms of performance, the desktop is several times ahead of the laptop. This is because the desktop runs directly on AC power, which makes it capable of delivering high performance. With the desktop, you can easily do any heavy work (such as video editing, graphics design, web developing, etc.). So if you want to get good performance, it would be wise to buy a desktop.

Upgradable: Upgradability is the biggest advantage of the desktop. You can easily upgrade it according to your desktop configuration. You can easily upgrade any parts easily. You will also be able to make your desktop workable over time. This will save you both money and time. But in the case of laptops, it is never possible to enjoy this advantage.

So far you know the benefits of desktop. But there are some disadvantages as well as advantages, let’s find out what are the disadvantages of the desktop!

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Disadvantages and limitations of computer desktop are: –

The main limitation of the desktop is its lack of portability. With the desktop you have to work from a specific place. Even if you want to, you can’t move it from one place to another as easily as a laptop for work needs. There is no chance of using the desktop as you can use the laptop anywhere you want.

Any electronic device is dependent on electricity. Similarly, since the desktop is also dependent on electricity, you cannot use the computer without electricity for some reason. As a result, many things can be interrupted. But lately, a lot of this problem has been solved through IPS and UPS. If you think about laptops in this regard, but do not need any kind of IPS or UPS.

Friends, knowing everything, the laptop has advantages and disadvantages, just as the desktop has advantages and disadvantages. So considering everything you have to decide whether you will buy a laptop or a desktop. But what do you want for this? It depends on what you buy.

But my suggestion is that if you travel a lot or have to carry your device here and there then laptop will not be an alternative to any other device. But if you don’t need portability, you can switch to buying a desktop. Everything will depend on your decision. Therefore, make a far-reaching decision by thinking about your present and future. Whatever decision you make, focus on the budget.


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