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Things to keep in mind when buying a new smartphone


At this time we all do everything through our smartphones. We do everything from our daily work to social media activities and everything on the phone. Even banking work now we like to do on our smartphones. And those who love to take pictures but can’t afford a big camera or DSLR also do great photography with all the great cameras of today’s phones. I mean literally now a smartphone has come as a complete package of anything.


But when we buy a smartphone, we have multiple questions in our mind about what we will get in any phone. What is good and what is bad. I mean, before we buy a smartphone, we need to look at some of the things in that phone. Seeing this, we can understand which is better and which is better.


Today we will tell you here that before you buy a phone, you need to look at the things of the phone. We will try to give the details of everything from the processor of the phone to the screen.


1. Processor:


We know that the most important thing in the phone is the phone’s processor. In fact, the processor of a smartphone is like the head of a phone. The more powerful the processor in your smartphone, the better the phone will work. That means the phone will run so smoothly. If you look at the processors of this time, if you get Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 or more processors in the phone at this time, it will be the most powerful processor.And this processor has been seen in OnePlus 6 and Asus Zenfone 5Z. And until a few months ago, the Kotalkam 835 was the most powerful processor, and that doesn’t mean the phone is bad.

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2. Processor Specification:


All processors have their own specs, one of which is the processor course. Which has the clock speed through which the normal processor runs. And some processor speeds here are things like “1.4GHz Octa-Core” or “2.0GHz” quad core. And here I am telling you that these do not determine the performance of the phone. However, it is a useful aspect of the processor.


The higher the course of the phone’s processor, the better the performance. People say that you should always choose a smartphone that has more processor course. But in reality the phone does not need to have more processor courses.


3. Clock speed:


It is for this clock speed that the processor can do any work quickly. This speed is measured in GhZ. And nowadays this speed is up to 2.9GHz.


4. Graphics processor unit:


The graphics processor unit is called the GPU. And a processor needs to have a GPU and for that you need to have it in your phone first.


5. Display:


A good or large display of the phone helps to see something better on the phone. The size of the phone used to be 1-5 inches but now the size of the phone is more than 6 inches. The larger the display size of the phone, the better it can be said to do a lot of things on the phone, such as watching movies or gaming, but much better.

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6. Aspect ratio:


The aspect ratio of the phone works on the big screen in small space. Looks at the length and width of the screen size of the phone. Whereas earlier the phone had 16: 9 aspect ratio, now it is slowly showing 20.9 aspect ratio.


7. Panel type We know that the panel type of the phone includes things like AMOLED, Supar AMOLED or Optic AMOLED which are actually different variants of OLED technology. Now what kind of panel phone do you need so see here.


Another part of the phone’s display is the resolution of the phone. High-resolution displays consume more battery than low-resolution displays.


8. HDR and non-HDR:


It is an experience that is very different from the rest of your experience. It improves the performance of the smartphone, gives more benefits to the HDR display and also gives you more benefits to watch Netflix and Prime videos that come in this form at this time.


9. RAM:


If you have more RAM, the phone is more multi-tasking. Think of the previous 1-3Gb RAM phone and now think of the 4-6Gb RAM phone that you can work on the phone in much less time now than it used to take to work on this RAM phone. And now 8 GB 12GB RAM phone is also expected.


10. Storage:


Before buying a phone like RAM, you need to look at the storage of the phone. The more storage your phone has, the more space you will have and so if you have more apps or more documents saved on your phone, it will not be a problem to run your phone.

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11. Battery:


We know that the powerful battery of the phone is the essential thing of the phone. And now with the fast charging technology of the phone, the wireless charging technology takes less time to charge the big and powerful batteries of the phone. And for this, the problem related to the battery of the phone is less.


12. Camera :


Now before buying the phone we have not seen how much the camera of the phone. In fact, what the phone’s camera will look like depends on its lens and megapixels and resolution.


So before buying a phone and if you need a camera or camera for your phone, do not forget to check the camera details of the phone before buying the phone.


13. Operating system :


When buying a phone, you need to look at the operating system of the phone. The operating system of the phone is a very important thing for the phone. The operating system of the phone is Android or iOS and whichever phone you buy, make sure that the operating system of the phone is in the latest version.


Be sure to discuss with friends or check reviews of various sites online, you can get a lot of information about the mobile that you will buy.


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