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Why calcium is important for our body


These tips discuss the importance of calcium. Once bone loss starts due to lack of calcium, it is very difficult to avoid its loss. In order to avoid calcium deficiency, Ratu Rumana Binte Rahman, Professor of Gynecology and Obstetrics at Sir Salimullah Medical College and Mitford Hospital, said that adequate calcium intake in adolescents will reduce the problem of calcium deficiency in the future. And if you take calcium medicine as required at different times, you can stay healthy.

Those a Little Older:


Girls usually suffer more from calcium deficiency problems. When menstruation stops with age, their physiological changes take place.Lack of calcium leads to osteoporosis. Due to many small and big leaks, the bones gradually become weak. Weak bones are more likely to break when injured. And with age, it becomes very difficult to repair broken bones.Calcium-rich foods as well as calcium supplements are needed to avoid these problems. So at this age you should take calcium tablets as advised by the doctor.

During Pregnancy and Breastfeeding:


During pregnancy and breastfeeding, the demand for nutrients is naturally high, while the demand for calcium also increases.In addition to eating calcium-rich foods, you should also take calcium supplements. If the mother does not get enough calcium at this time, her child’s bones and teeth are not formed properly.

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A Little Caution:


Those who are taking calcium tablets may have to take iron tablets for some reason. Care should be taken not to take these two drugs at the same time. Someone may be taking iron tablets at noon, he should take calcium tablets in the morning and at night. These two drugs can be taken at the same time to get a little less benefit from iron tablets.

However, it is important to take vitamin D supplements along with calcium. If not, there is little benefit from calcium. Nowadays, however, calcium and vitamin ‘D’ are found in the same tablet at the same time.

Many people take calcium tablets without consulting a doctor. Take the medicine regularly as advised by the doctor. However, those who have ever had kidney stones before, do not forget to give this information to the doctor. Because, based on this information, the doctor will fix the dose of medicine for you. He will also tell you the extra precautions you need for your problem.

Beginning in Adolescence:


Awareness is needed from adolescence to avoid the problem of calcium deficiency with age. In addition to milk and dairy foods, small fish with thorns should also be eaten. If you develop such eating habits at this growing age, the main part of the bones of a girl’s body will be formed properly. In this way it is possible to avoid the problem of bone loss in the future due to bone loss or bone fracture.

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