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List of calcium-rich foods


The reason why our body needs calcium is:

* Calcium plays an important role in the contraction and expansion of the heart.

* Calcium is essential for the formation of every living cell.

* The need or importance of calcium for blood clotting is immense.

* Calcium plays an important role in body structure and teeth, bone formation.

In addition, many diseases are caused by the lack of calcium.

Let’s know about 10 list of calcium rich foods:


1) Marine Fish:


Marine fish are high in calcium. So we should keep marine fish on our food list.

2) Different medicinal plants and spices :


Basil leaves, mint leaves and spicy foods, such as cinnamon, garlic, etc. are rich in calcium. Playing these strengthens our body’s bones.

3) Orange:


Oranges are rich in vitamin-C. Not only vitamins, this orange also contains a lot of calcium. A medium orange contains up to 65 mg of calcium. So we should eat oranges.

4) Shrimp Fish :


Shrimp contains a lot of calcium. Shrimp should be cooked on low heat. If the shrimp is cooked over high heat, the amount of calcium decreases.

5) Sesame :


Sesame seeds contain a lot of calcium. Each tablespoon of sesame contains 88 mg of calcium. These sesame seeds play a great role in preventing cancer.

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6) Different types of vegetables:


Different types of green vegetables contain a lot of calcium. Pea seeds, spinach and vegetables contain a lot of calcium. So these should be on our food list.

7) Cheese:


Cheese contains a lot of calcium. So eating cheese is very beneficial.

8) Sour yogurt:


People who suffer from allergies after drinking milk can make up for the calcium deficiency by consuming Sour yogurt. Sour yogurt contains a lot of calcium.

9) Almonds:


Almonds contain a lot of calcium. Up to 475 mg of calcium is found in each cup of walnuts. So sometimes we should eat nuts. Should not eat too much. Because nuts have a lot of calories. So should eat normal.

10) Milk :


Milk is one of the sources of calcium. Milk contains a lot of calcium. So it is very important to keep milk on our daily food list.


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