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The Mystery of the Consciousness of the Brain


The most complex, mysterious and important organ of the human body is the brain. It is the central organ of the nervous system which together with the spinal cord forms the central nervous system of the human body. Much of human existence is governed by the brain.

The brain is a wonderful entity that has to be surprised as much as it is known. For example, if the human brain were to be cut in half, the rest would still be able to function. Now the question may be, suppose your brain is cut in half and if that part is placed somewhere else, which part would you hold yourself? Again, no one in this world will know what you thought when you saw an event but what you thought, this is your own self-experience. What you are realizing is your consciousness. Yet everyone’s sufficient idea on this one thing is still unclear. Before going into details about that, let us know a little more about the subject of “what is consciousness“.

What is consciousness? Paintings from the seventeenth century.
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Consciousness is the experience that arises as a result of the billions of neurons working together in the brain, which help us to know the world and to inform others about it. The simplest example of this is “awareness of internal or external existence”.

In fact, scientists are now eager to understand the ‘consciousness of the brain’, but there are some reasons behind it.But even 100 years ago today, when humans were floating in the tide of scientific discovery, psychologists published research results on human behavior, neuroscientists succeeded in researching all aspects of the brain.But they left out the matter of the consciousness of the brain. He didn’t even look at her. But current research has shown that this consciousness is the source of all human work. Without knowledge of consciousness, a complete philosophy of all worldly things is not possible.

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Rodney Descartes, with the idea of ​​dualism of body and mind consciousness, said ‘I think, so I am’ (cogito ergo sum). Considering the brain and all its neurons and other functions, he did not hesitate to compare the human body with a machine.

Not only human laughter and crying, but also pain, screaming, tears are all working behind the consciousness of the brain, but none of these are my words, these are what the doctors said more than 400 years before the birth of Jesus Christ.But the people of that time did not accept their knowledge. Many of them believed that the source of all heartfelt feelings is the heart, the vibration of which creates all the feelings in the chest and this is claimed by all lovers. The ancient Assyrians and Jews believed that everything originated from the liver.Of course, in ancient times, almost all human organs were considered to be the source of consciousness at one time or another, but apparently no one could give an answer even today.

Knowledge of the consciousness of this strange brain is one of the most important in modern neuroscience. However, it still remains an unanswered question. However, a new study published in Science Advances (Human Consciousness is Supported by Dynamic Complex Patterns of Brain Signal Coordination) sheds some light on the working networks of the brain.Moreover, determining whether a patient is “conscious” after a serious brain injury has become a major challenge for both physicians and families in making decisions about their care. Because the imaging techniques of the modern brain have begun to exacerbate this uncertainty, forcing us to give unprecedented insights into the human consciousness.


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Awareness is apparently lost, regained, from the moment we fall asleep to the time we wake up. Awareness can be temporarily eliminated by pharmacological agents or more permanently by brain injury.Each of these departures from conscious awakening brings about various changes in brain function, behavior, and neuroscience. Yet, they all share one common feature: the lack of person-centered experience reporting.

For example, we know that complex areas of the brain, including the “prefrontal cortex” or “prefunius,” which are responsible for many higher cognitive functions, are usually involved in conscious thought.But even the “large regions” of the brain do many things that we are not yet aware of. So it can be said that how the brain represents “awareness” at a certain network level is still unclear to everyone.

The reason why it is so difficult to study the “consciousness of the brain” is that it is completely internal and nothing can easily enter it. For example, we may be looking at the same picture of two people hanging on the wall, but the next experience after seeing the picture, or do we both think similar? There is no way to know, unless both of them talk about it.Only conscious people can have thematic experience Therefore, the most direct way to determine if someone is conscious is to ask us to tell them about them.

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These issues are so subtle and complex that scientists from the top seven countries in the world have worked together on brain consciousness but have not achieved any unprecedented success. They examined the brain activity of 125 people using functional magnetic resonance imaging (FMRI).So that healthy individuals exhibited complex and sharp connections between different regions of the brain. And the brains of the weak failed to show it. When anesthetics were given to healthy people in the case of complex communication, this type of complex communication between them would be lost. But how and why? They could not give a proper answer.

Apart from scientists, philosophers of different cultures outside the society have also tried to find a solution to the problem of this field of research called “consciousness”. But no one has been able to be completely successful and the question of whether they will be able to do so in the near future can be left in one of the small holes in this huge brain store.


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