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Dental care tips


Some useful tips in family dental care


Know the issues related to teeth


1. Your baby’s milk teeth will grow from 6 months to two and a half years of age.


2. Your child’s main teeth will erupt between the ages of six and 13.


3. Your child’s wisdom teeth will usually grow between the ages of 17 and 25.


4. Baby milk teeth will usually fall out in order before the age of 6 years.


5. Breastfeed your baby for at least 2 years which helps in the formation of teeth and jaw.


6. Do not feed the baby with feeder while sleeping. Feeding milk in the feeder causes tooth decay.


7. After feeding the baby, soak a small amount of water in the cotton and rub the surface of the teeth which will protect the teeth from decay.


8. In the case of adult teeth, if black spots or decay disease or dental caries are seen in the teeth, then before the pain, go to the doctor and get the necessary treatment or filling. Remember, the sooner you do, the more dangerous the toothache will be, and in that case it will no longer be possible to treat the tooth with fillings.

Dental care tips

9. Painful teeth cannot be filled. In that case the root canal can be used to relieve the pain. Remember, root canal treatment is expensive, so get your teeth filled before the pain starts.


10. Filling does not last long if the crown of the tooth is severely broken or the wall of the tooth is broken on either side. If there is a toothache, the root canal is made and an artificial crown is placed on it which gives the tooth a long lasting look.

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11. There are several types of dental crowns. E.g.


(A) Porcelain crown (ceramic crown).

(B) Metallic crown (steel crown).

(C) Syramic Crown.

(D) Acrylic Jacket Crown (Plastic crown of front teeth only).

(E) Metal fused to porcelain crown,

(F) Cad-Cam Mild Zirconia Crown,

(G) E Max Crown, etc.


12. Metal fused to porcelain crowns are the most beautiful, durable and advanced according to the condition of our country among the upper crowns or crowns or caps.


13. So if you want to hold a crown or a crown or a cap, you have to pay a little more.


14. In developed countries, teeth are washed or scaled every 6 months. Patients need to be scaled at least once a year in the context of socio-economic conditions in our country.


15. Nowadays many advanced types of fillings can be done on the teeth by mixing them with the color of the teeth.


16. Take care of your baby’s teeth and take care of them regularly. Consult a doctor at least 3 times in the first 6 years, otherwise the milk teeth may fall out too late in time and in that case the main teeth may not come in the right place at the right time and may be crooked elsewhere. As a result, incompatibility of jaw and teeth may occur. If the milk teeth fall out prematurely and the main teeth that come out later may become crooked.

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17. The crooked teeth of the child should be treated as per the advice of the doctor within 8 to 13 years.


18. This type of treatment for crooked teeth is called orthodontic treatment.


19. Timely treatment is possible with relatively low cost removal apps.


20 However, fixed orthodontic treatment or brace method treatment is sophisticated but expensive and more effective.


21. Keep in mind that if there is a caries or decay in the tooth, if the filling does not resolve, then the tooth needs to be capped.


22. Remember that if you have a cap on the tooth without root canal, if there is pain in the future, then you have to open the cap with the help of dental drill machine and cut the root canal of the affected tooth.


23. Remember, scaling the teeth keeps the gums healthy and strong.


24. Many people think that scaling loosens the base of the teeth. In fact, the idea is completely wrong. Rather, the root stone of the tooth loosens the tooth from the gums and if any kind of stone accumulates for a long time, gum disease is caused.


25. If you do not have a broken tooth or the root of the tooth and throw it away or if you have this condition for a long time, it can cause serious diseases like cysts, tumors and even cancer.


26. Before extracting teeth, the patient should be informed about blood pressure, heart disease, congenital heart disease, prosthetic body parts, diabetes, endocarditis, etc.

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If there is any disease, the patient should take the necessary antibiotic drug 1 hour before the tooth extraction to reduce the risk of heart disease. Keep in mind that playing with antibiotics does not allow tooth decay to dry quickly.


In most cases, antibiotics do not require tooth extraction. In some cases, it is forbidden to extract teeth without prior antibiotics.


27. You can take painkillers before brushing your teeth. Then there will be no more trouble. There is no need to take painkillers if it does not hurt.


28. Hot and hard food should not be eaten for at least 24 hours after tooth extraction. After an hour of tooth extraction, drop the pressure pack’s yard. Eat cold and thin food for 24 hours.


29. Do not use dry cotton after dropping the yard. Then the bleeding may start. Cooling or spitting out loud 24 hours a day. This is because the clotted blood in the dental socket can be removed and a vacuum can be created here and the accumulation of food there can create a painful infection called dry socket.


30. It is foolish to eat ice cream after brushing your teeth. This is because the sugar in ice cream, mixed with clotted blood, can be an excellent food for bacteria. It has a higher chance of infection.


31. The child should be forbidden to eat chocolate. These cause tooth decay.


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