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write a letter describing the street accident


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01. Imagine that you are Rana of 9 Ring Road, Mudupur and you have a friend/sister named Panna living at 10 Central Road, Newhi. Last week you saw a terrible street accident while you were coming home from school. Now, write a letter to your friend describing the street accident.


02. write a letter to your sister describing the street accident.

For your convenience, we have written a sample letter on the subject mentioned in the title. If you wish, you can learn this letter for your examination and apply it’s experience in different areas of life.

9 Ring Road, Mudupur
30 December 2022

My dear Panna,
I received your letter yesterday. I shall give you a pen-picture of a street accident that I have witnessed. I cannot still forget the pathetic accident that took place the other day.

I was walking towards home from New Market. I had just crossed the traffic point Science Laboratory when I suddenly heard a very heavy sound. As I looked around, I saw people rushing towards the wall not more than 100 yards away from me. The accident was dangerous.  Many passengers were injured ; some of them were fatally wounded. At once the place became the spot of great noise. Ambulance and pedestrians became active to render help to the injured. Many of the wounded passengers were sent to the hospital. I felt very much nervous and shocked to see the accident. I could not eat. sleep or take rest from then properly.

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Yours ever,


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