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Discipline in health


Discipline in health: The rules that can be followed to stay healthy for a long time

Discipline is very important for the desired results in any subject. Wellness is no exception. It is important that you follow the right diet as well as follow the rules. When we hear the word rule, we think of something very difficult. And in the beginning it is possible to be very interested and maintain it properly, but after a while it is seen that many people lose interest. But remember, with a little patience and the right rules, you can easily become accustomed.

Discipline in health

Let’s take a look at some important healthy habits

– Bring the list of food in a table, that is, set a specific time for each meal and eat according to that time. You will see that your body will move in a rhythm.

– Try to eat daily meals in small portions without eating too much at once. Eat three main meals and three small meals.

Make a habit of chewing food over time.

– Refrain from skipping matches.

– Refrain from having late night dinner. Finish dinner (7-8).

– Check your weight once a week or once in 10 days.


– Set a specific time to sleep at night and try to sleep between (10-11).


– Adhere to a specific time to wake up in the morning.

– Practice at least 30-40 minutes of physical exercise every day and maintain at the same time.

– Those who do desk job or work sitting up, get up once every hour and walk for 2 minutes.

– Set aside 20-30 minutes daily for yourself and do what you like during this time. Your physical and mental health but connected to each other.

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