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Is it safe to drink tea and coffee during pregnancy


Tea and coffee are the favorite drinks of many of you. So you want to eat during pregnancy, right? In this case we should know whether this drink can be drunk or not, how much can be done.

drink tea and coffee during pregnancy

The main ingredient in tea and coffee is caffeine. The World Health Organization recommends that a pregnant mother consume 300 mg of caffeine daily. According to the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ACOG), caffeine levels should not exceed a maximum of 200 mg. One cup of coffee contains about 100 mg of caffeine, while 1 cup of tea contains about 33 mg of caffeine. Green Tea contains less caffeine than Black Tea. Excess caffeine can increase the risk of the following problems.


* Abortion.


* High blood pressure caused by pregnancy.


* IUGR (Decreased Fetal Growth).


* Preterm delivery.


Therefore, it is better to limit this type of drink during pregnancy.

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