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36 Ways to earn money with mobile phones


Ways To Make Money With Mobile | Earn Money On Mobile

How are you all? You must be a mobile user? But do you know how to make money with mobile? You don’t know, do you? No problem. Through today’s article, we will know the way to earn money with mobile.

Many of us want to know, how to make money with mobile, what is the way to earn with mobile? But due to lack of proper information and direction, I don’t understand which is the easiest way to earn income with mobile.

earn money with mobile

Today, through this article, I will share with you some simple, accurate and effective ways that if you try, you can earn a good amount of money every month with mobile. So let’s find out the ways to make money on mobile and the correct information about it.

01. Blogging

Blogging is a smart and relatively easy way to earn money with mobile. You can create a website for free with your mobile phone.

When creating a website, you choose the topic of the article, that is, the topic on which you want to write the article. You can earn money with mobile through affiliate marketing including Google AdSense by writing many articles and publishing them on your website with beautiful and amazing information.

It does not need to be on your computer, now you can earn money by writing SEO friendly articles on your mobile.

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02. Making YouTube videos

YouTube is currently the most popular video sharing site. Almost all kinds of videos are available here. If you ask, how to make money with mobile? Then I will answer, a good way to earn money with mobile is to make a YouTube video.

Many students now choose YouTube as a way to earn money online as a student. You can make funny videos, make tech tutorials, there are many more topics to make videos on YouTube. If you make good quality videos and monitize your YouTube channel, you can earn up to 300-1000 dollars per month with mobile only.

Just having a good camera phone as a tool is enough to start a career on YouTube. There are many popular and powerful video editing apps on mobile. You can easily edit many beautiful videos with them.

03. Making Facebook videos

If you ask me for the third time, how to make money with mobile? In response, I would say, make videos on Facebook as well as YouTube. If you want to start working as a video creator then your income is more likely to be higher.

Suppose you make a funny video on YouTube. You can also upload those videos to your Facebook page if you want. Videos are more viral on Facebook than on YouTube and much faster Facebook videos are viral. The video may not go viral for the first few months, but if you wait 3/4 months, you will gradually see a good view in your video. Once the video goes viral, the views will keep coming.

Pages can be monetized by uploading videos to Facebook pages like YouTube. This way you can earn money from Facebook page. Moreover, there are several other ways to earn money from Facebook with mobile.

04. Product reselling

Another effective way to earn money with mobile is to work as a reseller. You may be wondering, what is product wrestling? Product reselling is the sale of a product by a company or organization. In return, the company will pay you a commission. Let’s explain what product reselling is.

Suppose you want to join a company as a reseller. You will download pictures, descriptions, etc. of the products of that company. You have to sell the product at a higher price than the price of that product. The higher the price at which you can sell the product, the higher the profit. There may be another rule.

Suppose the price of the product you want to sell is 100 dollars. And if you sell it, you will get 5% commission. If you can sell that product then your profit will be 5 dollars. In this way  , by reselling the product  , money can be earned mainly through mobile.

05. Freelance Article Writing

In our today’s list, the 5th way to earn money with mobile is freelance article writing. Freelance article writing and blogging are not the same thing. However, freelance article writing is a part of blogging.

Blogging is about writing regularly on a website or platform and freelance article writing is about writing articles for a website or company that will hire you when they need that company’s article. You will be charged for each article.

That is, it is a piece of work. It’s not always the job you get, it’s not the only job you have to do.

06. Online Income App

You may know that there are many apps to earn money on mobile. If you go to Google Play store and search by typing online income apps, you will see many apps.

However, you can not make a good income from such apps. Because, they will not pay you as much time as you waste behind this app.

However, if you have a lot of time, then I recommend using the best apps to earn income. You can earn money by doing different kinds of work in these apps. E.g.-

  1. Watch the video.
  2. Play games.
  3. Survey work.
  4. Downloading apps.

You can use the following apps to earn income from mobile apps:

  • Pocket money app.
  • Dream11.
  • Google pay.
  • Roz.
  • Dhan.
  • Google opinion rewards.
  • Zagl

In addition to these apps you will find various types of money making apps in the Google play store. Through them you can earn money by doing some simple things.

07. Earnings by typing captcha

On the Internet you will find many captcha typing webinites. Where you can earn money by typing captcha . Captcha typing is very profitable in the field of earning income by working free time on mobile.

You can do this very easily with your mobile. If you work here for 2 to 3 hours every day, you can earn 50 to 100 dollars per month.

Here you will be paid from $ 1 to $ 3 for completing 1000 captcha correctly. If you search the internet you will find a lot of captcha websites.

08. Video Sponsor –

(earn with video sponsor) You will see many companies talking on YouTube from time to time. Many people say that today’s video is sponsored by this company or that company.

And you can earn money through this sponsorship of YouTube video.

09. Earn money from various quiz apps-

Currently you can see many apps in the country. And the amount is increasing day by day. And some of these quiz apps are giving you the opportunity to earn money by playing quizzes.

In addition to studying through this, you will be able to earn a good amount of money.

10. Like on Facebook, earn money by sharing in comments-

You have been on Facebook for a long time. So maybe you’re pretty good at using it. And in these few years, Like has shared many posts on Facebook. Maybe that’s why you like it.

But how would you feel if someone paid you for every like or comment? Surely much better, isn’t it?

Yes, such a website called Share YT is keeping that facility for you. By signing up for this website you will be able to fully understand their activities.

Every day new work of new clients is added here. And they also put a good amount of money to share in every like comment.

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Through this you will get money for referring others even if you sign up. And you can take money for the development of your own mobile.

11. Income from Short Link Website-

Think about how many places you have seen this article by bit.ly. You may not be able to catch the number. Because the use of this bit Lee has caught your eye thousands of times. And do you know this Beatle?

If you click on the bit.ly link, you will see that the link with bit.ly has redirected you to another large link. And this is basically the work of your link shortener. However, you can not earn income from bit.ly.

But there are some more popular websites like ad.fly, Blv.me etc. And you will be amazed to think that this task is very easy. So in this way you can make your own income from the phone.

12. Sell ​​mobile photographs

Almost all of the smartphone users take pictures for different needs or hobbies at different times. If you are a hobby mobile photographer, then a little bit of your hard work can turn your hobby into money income.

Now the question that may arise in your mind is, where will I sell the pictures? Who will buy my mobile photography? The answer to your first question is that there are several popular websites for selling mobile photographs. I will discuss the websites later.

And the buyers of your mobile phone photography will be those who need low budget pictures. Suppose you have a website that needs some photographs. But you don’t understand photography very well or you need extra money and effort to hire a photographer to take pictures. You bought pictures from a website to save your money and time. This is how the pictures of the websites are sold .

Now let’s talk about the websites that sell pictures. There are several sites for selling mobile photography. Such as:

  • Images
  • Foap
  • Snapwire
  • Clashot
  • Eye
  • Em
  • Dreamstime etc.

The above websites have to meet certain conditions for selling pictures and withdrawing money.

13. Online tuition

The most popular means of extra income during student life is tuition. But if it happens that you do not have to go to a specific place or a student’s home to teach. Or you can teach your student at home. Then of course it is much better.

The idea of ​​online tuition started as soon as you realized this wish. You will not need any special arrangements for online tuition. Only if you have a mobile phone and a good internet connection. You can teach students using your mobile camera through a website or an app.

By joining the online tuition model through mobile phone, it is possible to get rid of the suffering of traveling in tuition.

earn money on mobile phone

14. E-commerce

At present, the demand for e-commerce is increasing among the people.

So if we notice, we see that many e-commerce businesses are growing in the vicinity. At present, there is no need to create an e-commerce business just by having a mobile and Facebook account. You can easily sell your product by opening a Facebook page.

There is also a new feature called Facebook shop where you can sell products with details and pictures of your products. And most e-commerce businesses are based on Facebook.

Then you too can start your e-commerce business and earn good amount of money with mobile.

15. Selling old products

We have a lot of things that are too old or useless. Better a poor horse than no horse at all.

16. Cryptocurrency trading

Crypto currency refers to bitcoin, light coins, etc.

These are becoming very popular in today’s world. If you don’t know about this, let me tell you a little bit.

These are virtual currencies that you will never be able to get hold of, but you will get money or dollars by selling them. The prices of these crypto currencies rise and fall.

If you buy some crypto currencies today, you can easily earn good money by selling them if their prices go up tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. Everything from buying and selling crypto currencies is done through websites, with the help of which you can easily earn money with mobile.

17. Earnings from Instagram

Instagram is currently a popular social network just like Facebook. You can easily use this network using mobile.

But by using it you can earn good money without wasting time. If you share good content on Instagram such as: – Various quotes, tips and tricks, etc., then people will like your content and will follow you, it will increase your followers. As the number of followers increases, you will get sponsors from different places and there are many websites to get sponsors.

The more followers you have, the higher your income will be. There are many people who earn 2/3 thousand dollars a day from Instagram.

All you have to do is upload the photo / video provided by your sponsor and give the link of the post to your sponsor. In the end your money will reach the account.

In this case, if your content is in English, it is better that everyone in the world will follow you and the account with English content gets more sponsorship. It can be an online means of earning money with your mobile.

18. Income from Microwork site

There are many sites where you will be paid for many simple tasks such as: – Share someone’s picture / post, watch YouTube video, install app, sign up etc. You can do these things using mobile and earn good money. Some of these sites are: –

19. Earnings from Webtalk

Webtalk was unknown a few days ago but is now very popular. This is another social media like facebook. But it’s a little different than Facebook.

We spend a lot of our time on Facebook every day. And as long as we are on Facebook, the more likes, comments, shares, Facebook earns a certain amount of money. That’s how Webtalk makes money.

But Webtalk will give you 50% of their earnings. As long as you stay on Webtalk, the more likes and comments you share, the more points will be added to your account and then you will be able to convert these points into dollars.

The time we spend on Facebook is a source of income if we use webtalk. And with this you can earn with mobile without any hassle. Their current website is webtalk.co and by 2022 their mobile app will be like Facebook. Here you can easily take your earned money to bank account with payoneer.

20. Income from PTC site

The full form of PTC is Pay to Click. There are some websites that will pay you to view different ads. The task is very easy to create an account on their website then click on ad. If you want to work on these websites, you have to work every day and you can do all these things with mobile.

There are currently many PTC sites that are cheating with many. So before working on any site, take a look at its reviews. Currently the most popular PTC site is Paidverts. Where you invest, there is a chance of a good amount of income.

21. Income from investment site

We all know how to earn interest on bank capital. But to get interest from a bank, you need good amount of capital. There are some sites online where you can invest a small amount of money and after some time you can earn 2 or 3 times the money. But some sites cheat so you must check some of the site’s views before investing.

Famous investment sites are forsage, coin-farm etc.

22. Online job with mobile

It is possible to do various online jobs with mobile. For this, your phone must be a smartphone. Of the tasks we mentioned above that can be done by mobile, these tasks also have some of the tasks that can be used to get a job in the online marketplace.

23. Wrestling Business

Make Money With Wrestling Business Wrestling Wrestling is considered to be the least risky business. Suppose you bought a dozen pens for 50 dollars and sold them for 75 dollars. The extra value you sell is your profit. This is basically the model of wrestling business.

You can open a store online and list products. Then whenever you receive an order, you will buy the product at a lower price and deliver it to the customer. The advantage of reselling a business is that you do not have to spend any money to save the product. You can do this business sitting at home using just the phone.

24. Delivery Services

Make Money on Mobile with Delivery Services As the popularity of online shopping marketplace is increasing in the country, so too is the need for manpower to provide delivery services. If you have a bicycle or a bike and a smartphone in your hand, you can join a Food based e-commerce shop, a food delivery service like Easy Food. This delivery service works part-time and full-time, you can do whatever you want.

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25. Driving

Make Money With Your Mobile While Driving Recently, ride sharing services in the country have greatly improved the communication system. If you have a ride sharing vehicle and a smartphone, you can start earning right now.

You can work part-time on a ride-sharing service like Uber. If you are looking for a different source of income, then you can earn income with mobile through driving ride sharing service.

26. Become a Virtual Assistant with Online Income Mobile :


There are some companies or individuals online who are looking for a virtual assistant. They are willing to pay a very good salary. You do not need an office to do this, you can work conveniently with your mobile at home.


This type of paying site is:

make money online

27. How to make money online by developing web

( Need a Computer) Making money online by developing web has become a current trend. Of the many types of outsourcing career-related online jobs available, the most sought after are jobs such as website creation. The main reason for this is the growing reliance on the Internet for personal and business purposes.

At present people with minimal knowledge about technology know that no one who knows web language is ever unemployed! Because, in the modern world this demand is very wide.

You need to learn coding to make money online by developing web. Many people get confused, I will start with so many coding languages! Expert advice on this is to do the coding with HTML , then get to know PHP better. Then study MySQL Database. Then slowly try to learn other languages ​​including JavaScript.

There are many websites and apps for learning web developing language online in Bengali language. However, having a basic knowledge of English greatly increases the scope of learning.

Once you have a good idea about HTML , PHP and MySQL, you can start working on Upwork , Freelancer , Guru or freelancing websites of this type. Getting a first job can seem daunting. But the opportunity will come Once you get the job, try to keep the client happy with all your skills. You see, you don’t get too fast to get a job.

By developing the web you can earn 500 to 10 thousand dollars per month or more online. It will depend entirely on your skills. The more proficient he is, the more he knows the web language, the more his client is happy, the higher his online income.

28. SEO is a way to make money online

There is also a job like web developing, which can be done online as a full time or part time job and also the opportunity to gradually rise to the top based on experience. This job is called SEO.

SEO’s full form of search engine optimization . The work that is done to get a website or any profile in a good position in search engines is called SEO.

As there are many sectors of SEO, there are a lot of job opportunities here. In the developed world, the demand for SEO experts in our local market is increasing day by day.

If you want to learn SEO to earn money online, you have to take a premium course from a good organization.

Lots of SEO tutorials are also available online for free. But they do not work properly in all cases. Because search engines are constantly changing their algorithms. But to keep pace with that change, these free SEO tutorials are not being updated.

Needless to say, backlink building is a very important part of learning SEO. There is a lot of work to be done if you learn backlinks and onpage SEO .

29. Ways to make money online by trading domains

In this age of potatoes and onions, you can make money online by doing business with domains. The name of this business of domain trading is domain trading. Domain trading is the process of buying a domain from different domain providers and selling it at a higher price, keeping in mind the future demand.

In order to start domain trading, you first need to study well about domain trading. Find out what kind of domains are in demand in the current market and what kind of domains may be in demand in the future. The NameBio website will help you a lot in this regard. By entering here you can see the prices of different domains currently offered for sale.

After purchasing a domain from a domain provider, it is entirely up to you whether you use it or create a website.

Creating or not creating a website will not have a direct impact on your sales price. Of course, it would be wise to create a website to increase the number of backlinks.

Then when you feel that your domain has become suitable for sale or if you sell it now you will get a good price, then on social media you will announce the sale of your domain in different groups created for domain purchase and sale.

Not just Facebook groups, there are plenty of online marketplaces for buying and selling domains (e.g., Sedo and Flippa etc.), you can use these too.

Making money online by trading domains is a much more lucrative job. Domain trading alone can earn thousands of dollars if you have foresight and ability to understand the market conditions.

If you want to make money online by trading domains, my advice to you is to buy 2-1 domains first without buying too many domains. After selling them, gradually increase the amount of investment. Don’t go for less that your full potential.

30. Forex Trading Online Income

Forex trading is basically called forex trading . That is, by selling one country’s currency in the Forex market, you can buy another country’s currency. Since the value of the currency of each country is always variable, one can earn extra money by converting the currency of one country into the currency of another.

For example, suppose you have 100 USD deposited in Forex. At some point in time, the price of the euro per US dollar fell for some reason. Then you bought 80 euros with your 100 dollars. Shortly afterwards, the euro rose again. Then you saved the euro again and came back to the dollar and the total dollar is 130. At first you had 100 and now it’s 130 I mean, 30 is your profit!

There is no problem even if you do not understand the above well. As you may know, the exchange rate of indian money and dollar changes all the time. Sometimes the value of 1 dollar is 74 rupees ( in indian rupees), sometimes it becomes 70-80. On the day when the value of dollar will be 70 ( rupees ) in india rupees, if you buy a dollar by spending 70 india rupees and then one day if the value of dollar is 74 rupees, you will convert 4 dollars, then you will get 4 rupees. This is how Forex trading works.

Investment is a very important factor when it comes to Forex trading. But most brokers offer newcomers the opportunity to trade demos for free with virtual money. You can invest money only if you have confidence in Forex trading by doing demo trading.

Many people are earning a lot of money by trading part time Forex. There is a lot of talk about forex trading online. If you want to earn money online by working as a trader, start reading those discussions and articles now.

31. How to make money online by writing reviews

You can also earn money online by writing reviews. In this case, be sure to write about what you want to review. Nowadays, you can earn money online by writing reviews on music, books and products.

First of all, about writing reviews on music. In order to earn money online by writing reviews on music, you first need to have a good knowledge about music. If you can’t catch the good, the bad, the bad of a music, then this work is not for you at all.

Musicxray , current.Us , Radioearn and earnably are the most popular for writing reviews on music . These are available from the site for 1 to 20 per case for each review.

In terms of earnings, it is more profitable to make money online by writing book reviews than music reviews. Because, there is a chance to get 5 to 100 dollars for the review of each book in some cases. Not only that, many companies also offer free books to reviewers.

Some of the popular websites for making money online by reviewing books are onlinebookclub , kirkusreviews , theusreview and readersfavorit.

You can also earn money online by reviewing products. It is also called sponsor post. But sponsor posts require their own Facebook page or website. As well as lots of followers needed.

If you have a popular Facebook page or website, writing product reviews will undoubtedly generate a lot more online income than book reviews or music reviews.

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32. Ways to make money online by flipping websites

Website flipping is the surest way to make money online from home. Through this work, many people are now earning thousands of dollars a month online.

Website flipping means increasing the value of a website by adding new features to it after buying a website and then selling it at a much higher price.

You need to invest some money in the beginning for flipping the website. However, there is nothing to fear in this case, because it can be said that there is absolutely no possibility of risk.

However, as I said before, money alone is not enough for income in this sector, as well as a lot of labor and time is required. If you can continue to work efficiently, you can earn a good amount of money in a very short time.

In order to flip a website, first you need to know the current demand of the website by doing market research. Websites related to blogs, news, e-commerce, magazines, business, reviews, jobs, TV or video streaming are in high demand these days.

Then you have to buy a new website. If you want you can buy a domain, hosting and start from scratch. It is possible to create a website in minutes using Blogger or WordPress.

After domain, hosting you need to choose an interesting theme for the website. Then it is necessary to increase the traffic of the website by doing SEO properly. For this you have to arrange good content on the website. Then with Google Adsense or affiliate marketing you can sell the website at a higher price.

Even if the website sells late after getting AdSense approval, your income will not stop. Because until then you can continue to earn money online from website advertising.

33. Ways to make money online by translating

Are you proficient in any language other than your mother tongue? Can you translate quite well? You can also earn a lot of foreign currency online by using translation skills.

You are English, Korean, Hindi, Malaysian, Chinese or Japanese; No matter which language you are proficient in, you can earn money online by translating all languages.

Translation is the process of translating information from one language to another. Various organizations make their translation work available online. Nowadays, various online organizations like Offline for translation have also sprung up. You too can become a professional translator by joining these organizations.

To earn money online by translating, you need to go to some translation site and register. They will take your test first. If you survive the test, you will start getting regular work. Here you will be asked to translate various documents, signatures, marriage documents, migration documents, notices and more.

Sites will display regular job updates on your profile. Here you can get work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year! All you need is your language skills, smart phone / computer and internet connection.

Literature has a huge place in translation. Yes, various foreign stories, novels, poems or songs are constantly being translated into other languages. Not only that, each book is being translated into different languages. The famous book “The Dairy Of A Young Girl” has been translated into more than 70 languages ​​to date!

This online translation can be done part-time at any time of the day. One can also take the job as a full time job online if one wants. If the translation sites are trustworthy, there is nothing to worry about.

If you want to earn money online by translating, don’t delay, register now on some sites. Speakt , Translate.com and Unbabel are some of the popular websites for translating income.

34. Ways to make money online by selling music

The number of jobs that can be used to earn money online from home is not less now. Now you can earn money online by selling your own songs or music.

Nowadays, to start a career as an offline singer or musician, one has to face various obstacles. Even if the career starts, most of the time the results are not as expected. However, by uploading these songs on different websites or social media, you can gain popularity very fast. Besides, you can earn big amount of money.

Songs uploaded to the website are purchased by different individuals / companies. The songs are used in commercial videos, radio broadcasts, presentations and other fields.

Thousands of people around the world are constantly buying royalty free music and sound effects. These music and sound effects are being added as background music in their videos and presentations. These music and sound effects are bought at a high price because they are used for commercial purposes.

You don’t have to do much to make money online by selling songs, music or sound effects. You can only upload quality content by signing up for some of these sites. That site will do the rest. Some of the popular sites for online income by selling songs, music, sound effects are LuckStock , Soundotcom , Fiverr and Arbit.

Here you can add only your own songs, music and sound effects. Someone else’s song / music / sound effects cannot be duplicated. To avoid this kind of problem, the sites will review each of your submitted songs, music / sound effects before putting them on the sales list.

Composing songs or creating sound effects and music to make money online is no longer difficult. Different: Using software, the work is now going to be done very easily with less time and effort.

35. Online Income by participating in the online competition

Different online competitions can also be a way for you to make money online. Many websites or companies organize competitions online at different times to increase their exposure. You can also win cash or expensive prizes by participating in these online contests. This is a great opportunity to make money online using your talents.

The subjects of the competition may be literature, painting, photography, music or dance. Or a science, technology, history or environmental quiz. There is no shortage of competition for online graphics design and video editing. It will not be difficult for you to earn money online by showing your expertise in any of these.

About 365 days a year, there is a lot of competition online. You can easily get the news of the competition by any of the event options of Facebook or Google search.

You don’t have to do much to compete. In many competitions there is no fee for registration. Fees are set for some competitions. However, in most cases, the amount of the fee is very low.

There are some rules you must follow to compete. For example, registration cannot be done with false name / address or wrong information. It is better not to try to participate more than once with a separate account for online money income. If caught, your account will be banned.

Then why is it late? Use your talents to earn money online now. Win cash prizes or attractive prizes like smart phones, laptops by winning the competition. This will develop your talent as well; You will also get a huge opportunity for online income.

36. How to make money from Q&A website

This method is not yet very popular among the methods of making money online. You can also earn income online through some sites by answering questions! You will get income opportunity by asking questions on many sites.

You can earn very little from here. However, the money that is available to answer the question without doing any work is more. We comment on 10-20 such questions and answers on social media every day. That too again without profit.

Some tips on mobile income-


In the above discussion we have learned how you can earn money through your mobile. It had both permanent and temporary arrangements.


But one thing you have to say about permanent or temporary is that since you want to earn income with mobile, you have to work a little harder.




In fact, if you have a laptop or PC, you can easily do the above. But it will be a little difficult to do the thing with your mobile. I say difficult but not impossible.


And to do this hard work you will need a lot of hard work. From the first 5 to 6 months you will continue to work as you please. In this period income or excessive income should never be expected.


But once you get the job done, you don’t have to look back.


This is our today’s article. We have already discussed some ways on how to make money with mobile. No matter which sector you choose, you must stick to it. It will take a lot of patience. I hope you like today’s article. If you have any questions, feel free to comment.


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