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Why eat vitamin E?


Today I will give you a brief idea about Vitamin E. One of the essential components of a balanced diet is vitamins. We are very familiar with the term vitamin. But many of us may not know what is the function of any vitamin, what can be the problem of lack of it or what vitamins are available by eating certain foods. So this is my small effort for you.

eat vitamin E



1) The first discovery was made in 1922 and was completed in 1938.

2) Fat soluble vitamins, that is, if you cook any food rich in vitamin E, you have to use a little more oil.

3) Consists of 8 natural ingredients. (Tocopherol + tocotrains)

4) Vitamins are not made in the human body. So the need for vitamins must be met through food.

5) The body needs up to 6-15 mg of vitamin E every day.

6) It takes less than paramane, but a lot of work.

Symptoms of deficiency:

1) May be a neurological problem. The tongue nerves become weak.

2) Damage to the central nervous system.

3) Can cause Parkinson’s disease.

4) It is difficult to swallow food.

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5) Lips clenched to speak.

6) Decreased vision in intense light.

6) Increases the tendency to break hair.

6) Hair loss increases.

9) Memory may be lost.

10) can cause skin diseases.

Function of Vitamin E:

1) Acts as an antioxidant.

2) Helps to prevent hair loss and hair maturation at a young age.

3) Increases memory.

4) Keeps skin health good.

5) Plays a very effective role in pregnancy.

6) Eliminates nerve weakness.

7) Removes the impression of age on the face.

8) Helps to reduce neurological problems.

Source of Vitamin E.


All oily seeds are rich in Vitamin E …


1) Sunflower seeds.

2) Almonds.

3) Peanuts.

4) Walnuts.

5) Peanuts.

6) Oregano plant.

7) Red pepper.

8) Olives.

9) Thirty.

10)  red rice.

11) Spinach.

12) Coconut.

Eat a small amount of vitamin E rich and foods every day, then you will be free from vitamin E deficiency diseases.


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