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E-commerce and entrepreneurship


E-commerce is one of the most popular names in modern times. When we hear the name, we do not understand that the name of buying and selling products online is e-commerceE-commerce is an easy way to realize your dream of becoming an entrepreneur.


But even if we start our journey as entrepreneurs with a lot of enthusiasm and enthusiasm, why can’t we maintain this continuity? Maybe we don’t know the answer or we never find the cause, or the lack of proper guidelines can lead to our tragic consequences. So share some experiences with e-commerce today.




What is e-commerce?


Electronic commerce or e-commerce is a medium through which goods or services are bought / sold through an electronic system (Internet or any other computer network). Simply put, we can say that selling something using the internet is e-commerce.


There are several types of e-commerce


Business-to-Business (B2B):


This is usually performed between business-to-business or multiple business organizations. About 80% of our country includes e-commerce business-to-business.


Business-to-Customer / Consumer (B2C):


This process is performed between the business organization and the customer, that is, when a business organization delivers its product service to a customer or consumer, we call it business-to-customer / consumer.


Business-to-Government (B2G) :


Business-to-Government e-commerce is conducted between businesses and the public sector. It is commonly used in state buying / selling, licensing functions, tax payment, etc.


Customer-to-customer (C2C):


When an e-commerce is conducted between a customer-to-customer or more than one person and customer, we call it customer-to-customer (C2C). This type of trade is usually done through electronic commerce and online auctions.


Mobile commerce (m-commerce):


Refers to the exchange of information or the sending and receiving of money through wireless devices. This type of trade is gaining popularity in line with the present times.


Customer to Government (C2G):


Sometimes the government collects fees or taxes for various services directly from the people. Such services are increasing under digital governance.

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What a successful e-commerce business plan should be-




Before starting any business, you must have the right idea about that business. We need to have a clear idea of ​​how much we know about the business we want to start, whether we have the capital needed to run the business, and the work of our partners and employees. You have to decide in advance who will do what. Because e-commerce business is such that it is not possible to do it alone, everyone must come together and make decisions at the right time.


Choosing the right product:


Products are one of the most important issues for e-commerce business. Because you decide what kind of product you want to work with. Products that you know and understand well should be dealt with. In this case, you have to keep in mind that you have to choose products that are related to the needs of the people.


Sources of products:


You need to focus on how you will get the products you want to work with and deliver them to the buyer. One thing to keep in mind is that if you can’t deliver your product properly then it will have a bad effect on your business, then that buyer will not order that product again. So be careful when choosing products.


Market analysis:


Always work in relation to demand. The products that are most in demand in the market can be worked with. You can also work with new products. For this, we must keep an eye on the needs of the people. Such as any new electronic products, handmade jewelry, handicrafts, cosmetics, famous food from different parts of the country, can be worked with clothing.


Products and quality:


A successful business depends on the product and its quality and service. It is important to keep in mind that the quality of the product I am delivering to the people and the product that the buyer has ordered is the exact product that you are delivering to the buyer.


Competition with e-commerce companies:


There will always be competition in any business, because you can’t do business alone. There will be different organizations with which your business will match and with which you will have to compete and survive. In order to compete, you cannot reduce the value of your products or increase or decrease the value of the business. Do not create a situation where the market is ruined. Just as you have the right to do business independently, it is important to keep in mind that competing cannot hurt anyone else.

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Advertising and sales:


Marketing or advertising is essential for the growth of a business, because you must want everyone to know about your product. It is important to keep you and your business informed. There are various marketing techniques and techniques that you need to be aware of. Proper advertising / marketing of your products will make your business successful and increase profits. There are various mediums for marketing such as social media, newspapers, TV and many more to inform your product and business, because if you do not have buyers then your product will not be sold.


Choosing the right technology:


The first thing that comes to mind when doing e-commerce business is a website that everyone can use to shop. The most important thing is to choose the platform and the right technology. You need to know and use technology properly. E-commerce business largely depends on the platform and how well-organized your website is.


Suppose you have a store where there are many types of products. But if you don’t organize your products, the buyer will not find your product. In that case your sales will be less. E-commerce Business Just like you set up your store, you need to set up your e-commerce website so that a customer can find the desired product when they enter your website.


Things to look out for-


Domain selection:


Names should be selected in line with the business. Because the name will carry the identity of your business. Domains should be selected to suit your business type. Choosing the right name has good and bad effects on the business. You need to choose a name that is easy to understand, then everyone will understand after the name that is about your business type and product.


Hosting Selection:


Choosing the right hosting for an e-commerce website is very important, the hosting you use must be of good quality. Hosting should be selected keeping in mind the memory, disk space, bandwidth and support. In this case, if the quality of your hosting is bad, then the speed of your website will decrease. In that case users will have problems, it will have a bad effect on your business.

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Platform selection:


Platforms play a very important role in e-commerce business. Because in order to present a website beautifully, you need to create your website using any one of the platforms. We use a variety of platforms for e-commerce websites. These platforms are made up of different features. We use different platforms and technologies for our needs.


Some of the popular platforms are: WordPress (Woocomerce), Magento, Open Cart, Zen Cart, Pestashop, X-Cart, OsCommerce etc.


Payment system:


Payment is an important factor for an e-commerce website. Payments can be of many types. In our country, most transactions are done through cash on delivery. In addition, transactions are done through mobile banking, electronic fund transfer, paypal, American express,  debit and credit cards. One thing to keep in mind is that your website must have multiple means to pay the price. Because the buyer can easily pay any price.


Product Delivery:


You must plan for the delivery of your product to the buyer, starting from the order of any product and how long and by what means. If you do not have your own delivery system, you can deliver your product in consultation with different delivery companies. If you do not get your product delivered on time and in a timely manner, it will have a detrimental effect on your business. The e-commerce website basically allows buyers to order the product at the right time. So any product is properly verified and then handed over to the buyer. Make sure that there is no mistake in the delivery of the product and that the right product reaches the hands of the buyer.




E-commerce websites are constantly facing various types of calls and inquiries. The buyer must provide accurate information to ensure after-sales service. There are many products that may need to be changed at different times, so the rules need to be in place to make the change. The buyer should not be misled by any misinformation, which will have a detrimental effect on the business. The service can be confirmed through mobile, telephone, e-mail or various social media.


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