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Equal Opportunities Of Women


Fifty percent of the total population of our country are women. Excluding women the progress of the country is unimaginable They should be engaged in the production and development work of the country and for this purpose education of women is a must . Like men, women also need proper education for the discharging of their respective tasks properly and decently. Can we have educated and ideal citizens when the mothers themselves are foolish and ignorant? No, we cannot. Then every women is a potential mother. The future of a child depends on how it is brought up and educated in childhood. An educated mother is naturally expected to bring up and educate her children better than an uneducated mother. For this the great emperor Napoleon said, “Give me educated mothers and I will give you a developed nation. ” Moreover, to receive education is a fundamental right of women as it is of men.

It is a matter of great joy that our government has taken some important steps to give equal opportunities to women than man.

Nowadays women are found in different professions in teaching, in offices, factories,banks, in scientific or development projects, in trade commerce, in industry and agriculture, in police department, in hospitals, in garments industries and what not. In almost every field of profession women have proved their talent and ability They can face open competitions and avail themselves of almost all the opportunities like man. In the field of politics also women are playing significant roles and enjoying equal rights.

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As the percentage of educated women in our country is very poor, our government should take more steps to increase the rate of female education. Then the women will be more conscious of their right and try to abolish all the obstacles in establishment of equal rights of women.


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