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Excessive ear pain


Home Remedies for Excessive Ear Pain


Sudden unbearable pain in the ears at night! Drugs, doctors, nothing at hand! In such a situation everyone has to read once or twice in life! Although the lockdown has made the country feel a lot more comfortable at the moment, doctors have not started seeing patients in private chambers. As a result, if the ear pain suddenly begins to fall into danger! More problems, common painkillers do not want to go to the ear pain! What to do in such a situation?

Excessive Ear Pain

In fact, earache is usually caused by a bacterial infection. Old cough can also cause ear pain. When you go to bathe again, water can enter your ears and make you drunk. If you want to reduce ear pain, you need to reduce the infection first and if there is such an infection then there is no other way but antibiotics, then you need to consult a doctor. Before that, you can take some home remedies to get some relief by reducing the acute pain.

Bake hot


You can get rid of severe pain by warming the ears. When the pus comes out of the ear, heat it. This will remove the pus that has accumulated inside the ear, reducing the feeling of pain. Soak a clean cloth in warm water and take. Then place a wet cloth over the ear that hurts for a few minutes. Then tilt the head to the other side and let the pus come out.

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Hydrogen peroxide drop


You will find hydrogen peroxide in any drugstore. This solution works very well in reducing ear infections and dry pus. Put three or four drops of the solution in the dropper with the sore ear for a while. Then tilt the head to the other side and drain the fluid inside the ear. Can do several times a day. Gradually reducing the infection will also reduce the pain.


Vinegar solution


The acid in vinegar can reduce ear infections. In a bowl, rub equal amounts of white vinegar and alcohol. Apply two or three drops on the infected ear with a dropper. Lie down like this for five minutes then tilt the head as before and drain the ear fluid.

Keep the ears dry


Care should be taken to prevent water from entering the ear during bathing. Apply a cotton ball with petroleum jelly on the ears before taking a bath.


Don’t prick your ears


When we have pain in our ears, our first tendency is to get it treated. There is a risk of further infection. Do not put any earbuds, matchsticks, safety pins in the ears, the problem is bound to be more complicated!


Garlic oil


Heat a little crushed garlic in a little olive oil. When the oil is hot, strain it and apply two or three drops on the affected ear. Doing this a few times will give you some comfort.

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Neem juice


Wash and crush neem leaves well. You can give this juice of neem leaves to the ears. Or soak a cotton ball in neem oil and rub it on the ears for a few minutes. Neem has pain relieving properties that cause earache.




If you have a bacterial infection in your ear, the tips given here will give you temporary relief and help reduce the pain. However, it is not a complete treatment option. So even if the pain subsides temporarily, be sure to see a doctor.


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