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Food for health enhancement


Increase your health by following simple rules


There are many people around the world who eat half to lose weight. Again, there are many who do not improve their health even after playing hundreds. Being overweight is just as much a problem as having a sick or broken health. Beauty lies in being at the ideal weight according to one’s body shape. If your weight is 5 to 10 kg less than the ideal weight, then you must understand that you are a sick person. The appearance of a sick person naturally loses its natural beauty.

Food for health enhancement

In most cases it is seen that even if you try, you cannot gain weight at all. Many people may start eating too much, but the benefits are not so great. Instead, unhealthy eating can lead to poor health. Not only if you are fat, you have to have a well-formed body. Isn’t it? But what to do then? If you are tired of trying all you can to gain weight and get a well-formed body, then these tips will come in handy. Try to follow the rules, you will soon see the change in yourself.

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Special breakfast:


Almonds and raisins every morning. There is no substitute for nuts and raisins for weight gain. While sleeping at night, soak half a cup of wood nuts and raisins in a little water. When they swell in the morning, eat them. Start the morning with nuts and raisins. It is also a very good food for children.


Special dinner:


Milk and honey before going to bed at night. This is an infallible strategy for gaining weight. Before going to bed at night, you must eat something very nutritious. And if you are hungry, you will eat it with ease. And sleep immediately. As a result, the calories from the food will not be consumed, the calories will remain in the body as extra weight. Before going to bed, take a glass of condensed milk mixed with a lot of honey every day.


Liquid foods:


After a while, the appetite for liquid foods quickly builds up. That’s why you can eat any liquid food after a while to create appetite. However, remember that it is never good to drink water before eating heavy meals and in between meals. In this way water in the middle of the meal quenches the hunger. As a result, there is no appetite for heavy food.

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vegetables + fruits:


Eat lots of fruits. Fruit is a nutritious food that contains a lot of calories. Eat fruits and fruit juices every day. There are many fruits and vegetables that are high in calories. Such as- mango, jackfruit, litchi, banana, ripe papaya, sweet pumpkin, sweet potato, raw banana, spinach etc. Eating fruits and vegetables will improve your health and weight.


Fish + meat + eggs:


If you want to be healthy, you have to eat a lot more fish, meat, eggs or more than before. Eating 2-4 egg whites every day will be very useful, egg whites have a lot of protein, vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E which will make a lot of hormones in the body, which will bring good health.



“Basa” rice:


Means that the rice is not starch. Much of the rice starch is left with the starch. If you want to gain weight, it is better not to use this starch. This will be of great benefit to weight gain. Atap rice or polao rice sitting rice is delicious and must be eaten.


Soft Drinks:


Eating  soft drinks and fatty foods promotes good health. It contains a large amount of insulin. Produces the hormone insulin. With the help of which carbohydrates, proteins and fats accumulate in the body. When eating fatty foods, drink water, not soft drinks. Not even diet soft drinks. You cannot eat fatty foods while playing it.

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Amount of food:


Increase the amount of food. Increasing the amount of food does not mean eating hapus hapus. And that is not possible. If you are lean due to eating less, then you have to increase the amount of food. Eat 1 to 4 servings of what you normally eat every day.


Physical Exercise:


Some special exercises build body muscles and increase weight. Moreover, it also arouses hunger. Start going to the gym regularly, follow the trainer. Excellent body will be created. Again if you just eat calorie rich food and do not do any kind of exercise then you will get excess fat in some parts of your body like other parts including lower abdomen but it will not play a very helpful role in your weight gain. Therefore, do as much physical exercise as possible. This will release excess body fat and build a well-organized body.


After all, if you eat food but don’t follow any rules, it won’t do you any good. Your health will not improve in any way. If you make a list and eat properly, then it will help you to gain weight. And if you do not gain weight without these, then you must contact a good doctor.

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