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Food Lists For Pregnant Mothers


Food lists for pregnant mothers : If you are pregnant, then Updatelike article is for you. Here is the list of foods for pregnant mothers . You will not be able to eat the food that you normally eat during pregnancy. Because now you need nutritious food. So here is a list of nutritious foods for you. I have also mentioned the things that cannot be eaten during pregnancy. Please read our article carefully.

Food lists for pregnant mothers

Food Lists For Pregnant Mothers

1. Calcium

During pregnancy, the mother should eat plenty of calcium foods. Calcium is an important element in baby bone formation. If the mother does not eat plenty of calcium, the baby’s bones will not be strong. For example, milk, yogurt, etc. contain a lot of calcium. Regularly eat vegetables. Fish bites contain a lot of calcium. When you eat big fish cut, then you will get a bad drink like fish cut, eat these. Calcium deficiency during pregnancy often causes pain in the joints of the mother’s hands and feet. This problem is caused by calcium. If you still have any problems, contact your doctor and take the medicine.

2. Iodine

Iodine plays an important role in the mother’s diet during pregnancy. Lack of it leads to disability problems in children. So it is important for the mother to eat iodine-rich foods during pregnancy. Foods with iodine: Milk, tuna fish, shrimp, boiled eggs, pickles, bananas, marine fish, etc. It contains a lot of iodine.

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3. Zinc

Zinc is one of the foods on the diet of pregnant mothers. If the mother’s diet is low in zinc during pregnancy, the baby will be underweight at birth. In its absence, the child develops diarrhea, pneumonia, sores on the tongue, and sores on all four sides of the mouth. List of zinc foods: Meat, which contains zinc, lamb is rich in zinc. 100 grams of beef contains 4.6 mg of zinc. In addition, there are eggs, beef liver, flour bread, lentils, soybeans, nuts and seeds.

4. Iron

Many babies develop anemia after birth, which is caused by a lack of iron. Iron boosts a child’s immune system. Therefore, foods that contain iron should be eaten regularly. List of foods: red spinach, spinach, kachu spinach, raw spinach, nuts, gram, pomegranate, horn fish, magur fish etc. Eat more of these foods.

5. Vitamins

There can be no shortage of vitamin-rich foods for the baby’s mother. However, Vitamin A and Vitamin D play a significant role. So vitamin A is an effective ingredient for the eyes. Vitamin A is present in all types of vegetables, it is also present in the yolks of fish and eggs.

Vitamin D, it absorbs calcium from the intestines of the body. In the absence of vitamin D, the baby’s bones do not grow fully. The baby’s rate becomes crooked. Vitamin D foods: Milk, yogurt, cheese, eggs, marine fish, beef liver, fish oil and mushrooms contain vitamin D.

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List of foods for the first trimester of pregnancy

The first three months are very important for a pregnant woman. So you have to follow the doctor’s advice from the beginning. Blood pressure should be checked regularly. Do some light exercise. We gave the pregnant mother’s food list, but will discuss with the doctor. There is nothing detailed here. However, follow the pregnant mother’s food list discussed above. In addition, the weight must be measured for two consecutive months.

Foods that cannot be eaten during pregnancy

1. Excessive sugary foods such as sweets, fast food , oil cake should not be eaten.
2. Tea-copy caffeinated foods should not be eaten. This prevents the absorption of iron.
3. Excessive salty foods should not be eaten. There is a possibility of high blood pressure.

Conclusion: The articles that we have discussed for you. Pregnant mother’s food list, food list for the first three months of pregnancy and foods that should not be eaten during pregnancy. If you like our article, please comment. Keep sharing.


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