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Foot care for diabetics


In diabetes, the blood sugar level rises and the nerves in the hands and feet are severely damaged. In this disease the blood flow in the legs decreases. About 60-70% of diabetic patients suffer from nerve complications in the legs.

In neuropathy they feel less strength and pain in the legs. The feeling becomes dull. As a result, these patients do not notice any problems like minor injuries, burns or cuts. So at this time you have to take care of your feet a little differently. Otherwise there may be major damage to the feet.

foot care for diabetics

In this case, the American Diabetic Association recommends that one out of every five people take care of their feet in a hospital. In addition, it has given some tips on foot care for diabetics which will help them to avoid various health complications including foot problems.

Keep your feet clean. Keep your feet clean and dry every day. In this case use mild soap and warm hot water. Then dry the feet well and apply lotion.

Check your feet every day

Check your feet thoroughly every day from time to time. Keep an eye out for cuts, red spots on the feet, and scabies infections. Use a mirror to monitor your feet if necessary.

Maintain humidity


Regular use of lotion maintains the moisture of the feet. So try to use it regularly in foot care.

Be careful when cutting nails


When cutting toenails, be careful not to cut any part. Also, be sure to keep the blade or nail cutter clean if you do not use it. However, it is better not to cut the nails too short.

Use good quality shoes

Never walk barefoot. When walking, of course. Use good shoes. And pay special attention to the size of the shoes. Otherwise there may be damage to the feet.

Use soft socks


Socks made of cotton or wool are better for diabetics. However, make sure that the rubber on the top of the sock is not too tight. This will keep the feet safe.

Keep an eye on the blood circulation in the feet

Never sit for long periods of time. Give the legs a chance to move. If necessary, try to walk after a while. It will be possible to keep the blood circulation in the feet as well as to avoid various damage to the feet.

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Be careful during exercise


Go for a walk and work after comfortable shoes. However, never do any kind of exercise while keeping your shoes off.

Beware of even small problems


Do not neglect any minor problems of the feet especially wounds, burns, cuts etc. Seek expert advice immediately. However, never use a heating pad on the feet. This can cause serious damage to the feet.


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