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5 funny websites


There are very few people who use the internet but do not know the website. We need to search for something on the internet all the time. There are many who spend all day on the internet or online without any work. So they get bored.


Although using too much internet is usually harmful, very few people understand it. But, even then, they stay online 24 hours a day.

But, what a benefit! How much better it would be if I could enjoy something new.

Yes, today I will share with you 5 websites. Through which you can learn something new, including overcoming the monotony of your Internet use.

So let’s see what are the websites?

1.Virtual Mount Everest Climbing:


Brother I have a question for you to answer?

The question is, in which country do we live?

Now you must be thinking America, France or India. But it is never possible for us to climb Mount Everest in Nepal.

So what can be done to do a Google search?

Or watch the videos on YouTube. But we do not know how true they are. This website will help you here. Search directly on Google, Virtual Mount Everest Climbing First go to the website that will come and visit. Then they will take you from the very bottom of Mount Everest to the top. Are you happy now?

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website link: http://www.everest3d.de/jost-kobusch-live-tracking-everest

So let’s take a look at the second one.

2.A soft Murmur:

You may have understood the name of the website? I have visited many sites before I said; For those who do not know, I say: – How do you like the rainy season! Usually the rainy season is very free for students.

We also like the chirping of birds in the morning. But these words are not heard in the city. Well, I left out the city. What kind of words can be heard in summer like all the time? So what should be done at this moment! What should be done, I am giving you.

This website will help you in this work. How you can enjoy this website.

If you have a smartphone and a headphone, connect the two.

Then go to Google and search, A soft Murmur. Go to the website that will come first and enjoy all these words and make your mind happy.

3.Is it Normal?

Search the website on Google and you will know your feelings. You can find out how to find out through this website by searching on Google. Needless to say the details here.

Still saying something for those who don’t know, How do you feel, what your mind wants, the rest does not want, they will ask you questions, you can know everything about the feelings and emotions of your mind by answering the questions.

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4.Solve the Riddle!

You can solve the reader through the web site.

[This website will depend on your environment and all the strange sounds ”]


I don’t know if you can learn anything from this website, but you have to laugh. However, it is true that you can see all the funny photos that take place on different streets of different countries. There is no way not to laugh after seeing those.

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