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How to gain Weight


Health is the root of all happiness. One of the problems in our current life is obesity. Obesity, like diabetes, causes many diseases. So health conscious people start running to lose weight. We all need to have a balanced weight. But just as it is difficult to lose weight, gaining weight is not easy!

Let’s know some easy ways to gain weight:


01. Exercise:

Many people think that exercise is necessary to lose weight. But this idea is not correct at all. Just as you need exercise to lose weight, you also need to exercise to gain weight. In this case, just running and jumping is not enough. You need to go to the gym every day. The gym has an experienced trainer. He will tell you what exercise you need to do by looking at your weight and appearance.

02.  Frequent Meals:


Repeated meals should be taken by every human being. If you want to gain weight, you need to eat a little more than moderate every 2 hours. At this time you can take milk, yogurt, fruit, lamb etc. This will increase your body nutrition as well as weight. This is the easiest way to get fat.

03. Include Carbohydrates in the Diet:


Carbohydrates are very important for weight gain. Make sure you include carbohydrates in your diet. Rice and bread are the main sources of carbohydrates. So eat carbohydrates at least twice a day. Rice and bread are the main sources of carbohydrates. This does not mean that you should eat too much. You also need to keep an eye on excess fat. So eat carbohydrates in moderation every day. But a little more than usual. This is one of the easiest ways to get fat.

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04. High Calorie Intake:


When it comes to weight loss, we burn more calories and consume fewer calories. But in this case the opposite will happen. The more calories you burn, the more calories you have to consume. Take in more calories than the body needs for weight gain. If you want to gain weight fast, you need to consume more than 600-700 calories a day. And if you want to gain weight slowly, you need to consume more than 400-500 calories per day. Doing this for a week will increase your weight.

05. Proper Protein Intake:


Calories alone are not enough to gain weight. Calories as well as proper protein intake. If you do not take proper protein, calories will become the cause of excess fat. So you must include protein foods in your daily diet, such as eggs, pulses and milk.

06. Eat Dry Fruits:


Dry fruits have a lot of calories and fats, which will help a lot in weight gain. Every day after waking up, eat 2 cashews and 2 raisins. And put almonds or pesto for breakfast. Put more nuts on your diet chart to gain weight. In this way, if you play dry fruits according to the rules, you will see that you are gaining weight within a month.

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07. Stay Relaxed:


The biggest cause of all problems is tension. Weight loss will be followed by fatigue and constant tiredness. Nowadays it is very difficult to stay tension free, but try to stay tension free as much as possible.

08. Sleep:


Sleep is very important to keep the body fit. You must sleep 8 hours every day. It cannot be less than this. Also wake up and do yoga or yoga every day as a rule. This will make you gain weight faster.


09. Eat Milk and Honey before going to Bed:


Before going to bed you can eat something that is quite nutritious and caloric. Because it is not costing to sleep. It will work calories in your body throughout the night and increase weight. So eat milk and honey mixed before going to bed every day. This is an easy way to get tested and gain weight.

10. Outdoor Food:


We usually forbid eating outside food. But outside foods such as ice cream, cold drinks, pastries, burgers, etc. are very effective in weight gain. So you can eat these if you want, but it has to be like quantity. You can also include chocolate and cheese in your daily diet.

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Include the following foods in your diet to gain weight-


01. Eat fatty fish every day to gain weight quickly.

02. Do not forget to put potatoes on your daily diet to gain weight. Potatoes are rich in protein, fiber and vitamin C.

03. Peanut butter is an easy and healthy way to gain weight.

04. Eat 100 grams of almonds daily. 100 grams of nuts contain 500 to 600 calories. It also contains omega three fatty acids, protein, vitamin E and fiber. Almonds are very useful for weight gain.


5. Eggs are a source of protein, vitamin D and healthy cholesterol for weight gain.

6. To gain weight, eat cheese or cheese for breakfast every day.

7. Banana is the fastest way to gain weight fast at home. So put bananas on your daily food list.


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