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Get rid of nose disease


Nasal congestion is more common in men. Nasal congestion is not a disease, but can be a symptom of the disease. It is also risky for those who snore. And of course it’s annoying for the man next door. As the age, weight or some special disease increases, its severity also increases. Although this habit of snoring cannot be completely changed, its severity can be greatly reduced. Since we have today’s event with the things to do to prevent snoring. So let’s find out the special causes of nasal congestion and if you follow the things you will get eternal relief from nasal congestion.

Get rid of nose disease


Special reasons for not calling:


  • People get runny nose due to excess weight, pregnancy and some heredity.
  • People sneeze as a side effect of alcohol, smoking, and certain medications.
  • People get runny nose as a result of thyroid problems and diseases caused by excess of growth hormone.
  • With age, the skin on the body becomes sagging, thickening and some muscles of the neck also become swollen. For this reason, older people are more likely to snore.
  • Allergies, nasal congestion or different nasal structures are also a cause of runny nose. Due to these reasons, there is not enough air circulation inside the nose and nasal congestion occurs.
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Ways to get rid of runny nose:


Adequate sleep:


If you do not get enough sleep daily for 7 to 8 hours, then nasal congestion may increase or it may start suddenly. Excessive fatigue loosens the muscles of the body which is one of the causes of runny nose. Much of the body’s response to actions is controlled by habit. So make it a habit to go to bed at certain times and wake up.




Meditation is one of the solutions to various physical and mental problems. Meditation can also solve many of your unknown problems. You can also get rid of runny nose by meditating.


Weight loss:


Excess body weight is directly related to nasal congestion. Excess weight narrows the airway inside the nose and makes noises during breathing. So it is possible to get rid of this problem a lot by losing weight.


Lying position:


The tongue and soft palate are tilted backwards due to lying upright and lying down. Due to which the ventilation space inside the mouth gets blocked and noise is created. Lying on the right side is a very good solution. Lying on the left side can put more pressure on the chest. So lying on the right side from all sides is a good way.

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Lying on a high pillow:


When sleeping, make it a habit to sleep with your head slightly elevated with an extra pillow. Make sure that there is balance not only on the head but also on the chest. Otherwise, it can cause severe pressure on the neck.


Keep the room clean:


Allergies to dust mites can cause many problems inside the nose. Get rid of your room fan, furniture, books, chairs, tables and other daily necessities daily.


Keep the nostrils  clean:


It is very important to keep the nostrils clean. It allows a person to breathe easily. For this reason, you must clean your nose well before going to sleep. Inhalers can even be used in this case.


Say “No” to Smoking:


Smoking reduces the body’s ability to use oxygen. As a result, the air outlet is narrowed. Cigarette smoke damages the nasal passages and throat membrane tissue, narrowing the airway. This is also the reason why many people can call nose. So you should quit smoking.


Changes to dinner times:


Dinner should be eaten at least two hours before going to bed. In this way the food will be digested while awake. The digestive system will not be disturbed. Sleep well at night. Nose calling will also decrease.

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After all, sniffing is not pleasant for anyone. It is painful for both the one who sniffs and the one who is by his side. So follow the simple rules given above to get rid of runny nose. However, if you follow the rules given above, if the incidence of runny nose does not decrease, then you must seek the help of a doctor. Eliminate health risks.


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