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Google does not dominate the 4 countries


Google L.Lc is an American multinational technology company. It also provides various internet based services.

Google is currently the most popular search engine in the world. Its potential rival search engines are not even close to the edge of its popularity. But there are four countries where Google has no dominance. In other words, these four countries have proved that Google’s alternative is possible. So let’s not know about these four countries through this information based blog.

Google does not dominate

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1. China: China has always believed in independence. Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines have long been inaccessible to Chinese citizens. Even social media like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are banned. So what do Chinese citizens use to surf the internet?

Originally Chinese internet users used baidu and sagou as search engines. Baidu and Sagou account for 69.55% and 16.81% of the Chinese search engine market, respectively. Google is not completely banned in China. Google is available in two special states of China, Hong Kong and Macau.

2. North Korea: North Korea is isolated from the rest of the world. So it is normal for Google to be banned here. North Korea is not as developed as China and has no search engine of its own. However, they use Chinese baidu. All social media is banned in North Korea for political reasons.


3. South Korea:

 Almost everyone knows about North Korea and China. But despite South Korea having the world’s fastest internet system, its citizens do not use Google. Instead, they use Navarre, the Korean media referring to it as Korean Google. Navarre has dominated the South Korean market since its launch in 1999. Google is banned in China and North Korea for various political reasons, but   many may be surprised to hear the name South Korea. But it is true that South Korea uses its own search engine and Google fails completely here.


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4. Russia:

 Another failure of Google is Russia. Because even though Google is available in Russia, it is not able to compete with the Russian search engine. Russia’s Yandex occupies 55% of the search engine market. In addition to its presence in Belarus, Kazakhstan and Ukraine, Yandex has diversified its business to compete with Google. For example: Ride Holding, Food Delivery and Video Streaming Services. By taking advantage of the epidemic in 2020, it has further matured its position in the Russian market.


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