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How does Google Map know about traffic jams in any place?

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How can Google Maps understand tariffs or traffic jams on the road? This question may come to the minds of many of us.


Many people think that Google Map detects the traffic jam of any location directly from Google’s satellite, that is, the amount of traffic jam on that road is detected by Google Map with the help of satellite.

But your idea is completely wrong. A German man collects more than 90 mobile phones and turns on the internet connection on that phone and walks down a street that was completely empty but red-marked on Google Maps, and you know that red-marking means traffic jam on Google Maps. It is meant but in fact the road was completely empty, there was no traffic jam ..


In fact, Google Maps understood from the person’s mobiles that there are many people on that road and there is a traffic jam because there are many mobiles in the same place.


When Google Maps was not very optimized, Google Maps used to show traffic jams on Google Maps at the same time every day, knowing the amount of traffic in that place at a certain time to know about the traffic of that place or road.

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Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation. But Google Maps has improved a lot now. Google Maps lets us know about 90 percent accurate information about any road traffic.


Google Maps now knows or takes information about the traffic of a place from the information about the amount of mobile in a place to know about the traffic of a road.

Suppose, There are 500 mobiles in a certain place on a street in America. Then Google Maps will understand that there is a lot of traffic and there are two to three mobiles in a place, which means Google Maps will then understand that there is no traffic jam in that place.


As a result, Google Maps is now able to provide almost 90% accurate information about traffic anywhere.


With all the technology, Google is getting more and more advanced, hopefully now you understand how Google Maps gives accurate information about traffic jams in any place.


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