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Early Symptoms of Heart Attack


In today’s world Heart disease and stroke are the leading causes of premature death. This is because a Heart Attack is usually caused by a lack of adequate blood flow to the Heart. When there is a blockage in the veins and sub-veins in our body, the flow of blood through there is obstructed, which causes a Heart Attack. Eating too much oil and fat blocks the blood flow to the veins, so we should refrain from eating too much fat.

Again, if you can catch the symptoms of a Heart Attack earlier, it may be possible to avoid premature death. Our bodies start giving some warning signals from a month ago. The following are some of the symptoms that can be seen in the body before a Heart Attack:

01. Unusual Physical Weakness :


This happens when the blood flow in our body decreases. As blood flow decreases, the muscles of the body gradually weaken.


02. Excessive Drowsiness:

When the blood flow in our body decreases, sleep occurs at abnormal times. The reason for abnormal sleep is that blood cannot circulate in our brain.

03. Cold Sweat :

If you sweat due to reduced blood flow in the body, you will feel damp and cold. This is also a sign of a Heart Attack.

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04. Chest Pain:

The parts of our body that will feel pain are chest, arm, back and shoulder pain. If these hurt, contact a doctor immediately. Pain and contractions in the chest are a major symptom of Heart disease.

05. Cold or Flu:

Many people who have a Heart Attack have been diagnosed with a cold or flu somewhere before a month. Be careful if these are.

06. Shortness of Breath:

When our lungs do not have adequate oxygen supply and blood supply, such problems occur. If someone has a heart problem, the blood flow to the lungs decreases.

07. Vomiting, Indigestion, Lower Abdominal Pain:


Early symptoms of a Heart Attack may include nausea, indigestion, heartburn, and so on.

Symptoms that appear in our body before a Heart Attack.

I have to come to the hospital in the golden hour:


If someone has a Heart Attack, they should go to the hospital immediately. Because, the first hour after a Heart Attack is the Golden Hour. In other words, if the doctor can take emergency treatment in the hospital during this period, it is almost possible to ensure the life of the patient.

From diabetes to heart disease:

Most diabetics die prematurely of a heart attack. Diabetes and heart disease are inextricably linked. Things that are considered a risk factor for diabetes, such as being overweight, smoking, bad eating habits, physical inactivity or heredity, are also risk factors for heart disease. Reducing the risk of one also reduces the risk of the other.

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And so:


01. Control blood sugar.


02. Keep blood pressure under control. Check your blood fat levels regularly and take anti-fat medications if necessary.


03. Avoid high calorie and fatty foods. Also avoid excess salt. Don’t smoke. Develop a balanced diet.


04. Walk at least 150 minutes a week or do any exercise. Increase physical exertion. Control the weight. Especially try to reduce belly fat.


05. Regularly check your blood pressure, blood sugar, keep in touch with your doctor and be careful to diagnose heart disease.

A healthy heart with good Habits:


A small change in habits can change lives. Can keep the body’s heart healthy. For this, some habits have to be given up, and some have to be welcomed.The most important thing is to change your eating habits and be aware of food. Promises are needed to build good habits. Proper-healthy eating, regular exercise — these habits should be developed in children as well as in the family. Again guys don’t panic, but be aware.

The advice is taken from a cardiologist.


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