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Heart disease of pregnant mother


September 29 is World Heart Day. Heart disease is not the only heart disease. Different types of diseases are also different. But heart disease is from birth. We call them congenital heart disease. There are various diseases of the heart valve, and the heart’s own blood supply is cut off and ischemic heart disease occurs. High blood pressure can lead to heart disease. Heart infections and subsequent complications are not uncommon. Rheumatism is very common. It’s all about heart disease. If you already have a heart condition and you want to get pregnant, you should definitely consult a cardiologist. Suppose you have a congenital heart disease or a history of rheumatoid arthritis or have been diagnosed with a heart valve disease or have had a heart operation in the past. Even if you suffer from high blood pressure, be sure to seek the advice of a cardiologist before planning your pregnancy.

Heart disease of pregnant

He will look after the overall fitness of your heart. There are many types of congenital heart disease. In some congenital heart diseases, safe motherhood is also possible with heart disease by carefully conceiving and passing the pregnancy. Considering the condition of some congenital heart disease, the doctor may forbid pregnancy. The incidence of rheumatism is much higher in our country. Rheumatism but heart disease. If rheumatoid arthritis is not diagnosed or treated in time, it can lead to heart valve disease later in life. Many times these diseases of the vulva are first caught during pregnancy. Heart valve also has various diseases. Those who suffer from such heart disease must seek expert advice before conceiving. The doctor will examine your heart and tell you what to do.

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Many suffer from high blood pressure. They must be under the care of a pregnancy doctor. People with a history of heart attack or other ischemic heart disease should also have special heart tests and special preparations before pregnancy. Many have taken regular medication for heart disease. Many drugs are very harmful to the fetus. Therefore, it is very important to prescribe medicine and special prenatal plan.


In short, the moment you are planning a pregnancy, notice how much your heart is ready for pregnancy. Since pregnancy is an extra stress on your heart function, it is definitely important.


New heart disease during pregnancy: In many cases, even a healthy heart is seen to be affected by the extra stress of pregnancy. High blood pressure is very common. About 8 percent of women suffer from high blood pressure during pregnancy.


If the blood pressure is not controlled properly at this time, pre-eclampsia or gestational cramps like eclampsia can cause serious pregnancy complications.


Heart disease called cardiomyopathy can be born during pregnancy. There is a risk of this type of heart disease from the last month of pregnancy to about five months after delivery. With these heart diseases, the size of the heart becomes larger and the body becomes swollen with various symptoms including shortness of breath. In addition to the risk of blood clots in the body, various types of heart arrhythmias can also be seen during pregnancy.

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Healthy mothers and healthy children are essential to building a healthy nation. And for a healthy mother and a healthy baby, I want a healthy heart. So you must know to have a healthy pregnancy without complications – your heart is healthy! Appropriate measures have to be taken so that it cannot spread. Let’s not take heart care with heart.


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