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Heart Disease Prevention


There is an artery called coronary artery through which blood circulates in the heart. When a person is full grown, these coronary arteries become clogged with fat and close them. And that’s when heart disease originates. We all know that heart disease treatment is expensive. Once infected with this disease, you have to nurture this deadly disease for the rest of your life. However, it is possible to avoid the risk of heart disease by following certain rules.

Heart Disease Prevention


Causes of heart disease:


Many causes are responsible for heart disease. Such as- age, sex, smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, family history, obesity, low physical activity, eating disorders, high blood pressure, high lipids, diabetes etc. The risk of heart disease can be greatly reduced by making some lifestyle changes, regular walking or physical activity, being a little conscious of eating habits and preventing diseases like high blood pressure, high lipids, diabetes etc.


Those who are more prone to heart disease:


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Men are more at risk of heart disease than women who are able to reproduce. After the reproductive period, women and men are equally likely to have heart disease. If a woman has diabetes, she is more likely to have a heart attack than a man with diabetes. In middle-aged people, men are about 5 times more likely to have coronary heart disease than women. The cause of gender inequality in heart disease is mainly hormonal differences.


The age at which heart disease is more prevalent:


Heart disease can occur at any age. However, older people are more likely to be at risk for the disease. Serum cholesterol levels also generally increase with age. About 82% of people over the age of 60 suffer from heart disease. The risk of having a stroke doubles after the age of 55. Again, with age, the elasticity of the arteries is lost, resulting in coronary artery disease.


Symptoms of heart disease:


* If the eardrum is usually flat then you are at risk of heart disease if the ear lobe is folded.


* If you have gray, white or yellow semicircular or circular rings on the outer edge of the iris of the eye, you should know that your blood cholesterol level is high, which is a sign of heart disease.

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* If the fingernails have changed shape or become numb, then the condition of the heart is not good. When the nails grow longer than the skin and bend, it is called clubbing. And the reason for this is that not enough blood from the heart can reach the fingernails.


* Unclean and unhygienic condition of teeth and bleeding from gums, more than 700 different germs enter the bloodstream. And because of this, even if someone is healthy or in good health, their risk of heart attack increases. Researchers at the University of Uppsala in Sweden conducted the study on 15,828 people from 39 countries.


* There may also be pain and discomfort in the chest, back, abdomen, throat, left arm, neck or jaw.


What to do to prevent heart disease  :


* High calorie rich foods should be avoided.


* Excessive tea-coffee, fast food canned and dry food, soft drinks should be avoided.


* Alcohol, white jordan, tobacco, smoking should be stopped (the risk remains up to 10 years after quitting smoking).


* Birth control pills for women, reducing physical activity is also a risk factor for heart disease. Heart disease is also hereditary.


* Insomnia, Tension, Fear, Anger, Grief, Frustration, Anger, Revenge, Violence, Harassment, Unrest, Hot Speech or Screaming (Screaming), Instability, Unforgiveness – These stresses are negligible.

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* If you have high blood pressure and diabetes, keep it under control (blood pressure test once a week, blood sugar once a month, lipid profile after three months and ECG and ETT once a year for six consecutive months – even after taking regular medication).


What to do to prevent congenital heart disease:


* Pregnant mothers should stay away from smoking and alcohol.


* Pregnant mothers must be treated if they have high blood pressure or diabetes.


* An experienced physician should be consulted before taking any medicine for pregnancy.


* Any type of X-ray or radiation of the pregnant mother up to three months is strictly forbidden.


* If there is a possibility of pregnancy, the mother should be given MMR injection at least three months before, so that she does not get ‘Rubella German Measles’ disease.


Finally , happy marital relationships, socially healthy relationships, religious activities, smoking cessation and meditation help prevent heart disease.


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