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High heels are harmful


Many people like high heel fashion conscious women. But these ‘cosmetic’ shoes can cause serious damage to the knees and feet.


Wearing unusually high heels makes the ankles high. Sometimes the legs bend uncontrollably. This results in abnormal pressure on the knees. The cartilage at the back of the knee joint is eroded. This can lead to osteoarthritis at an early age.

High heels are harmful

Studies have shown that low heel shoes with back straps are good for girls to keep their ankles, knees and waist straight. There may be a desire to wear heels, but you need to be a little more careful. Where you need to walk a little, high heels can be worn. But in everyday life, a little high or flat shoes are better for walking.


Let’s take a look at the dangers of regular high heels.


Pain in the small joints of the legs


High heel shoes make the side of the foot numb while walking. As a result, the legs can only be kept straight. So when you put your foot down, all the pressure falls on your knees. Problems with pain and arthritis in the small joints of the feet begin. However, due to heels, not only the knees, but also the ankles are under extra pressure.

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Leg muscle problems


If you use heel shoes for a long time, the ankle becomes much higher. As a result, the muscles that are connected to the ankle through tendons.


It gets smaller and starts to change inside the muscles. This can lead to plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendonitis.


Back pain


High heel shoes keep your ankles high and push your waist abnormally forward. Walking in such an abnormal posture for a long time, contrary to the laws of nature, can lead to loss of normal curvature of the spine and severe pain in the lower back.




When wearing high heels, the soles of the feet carry the weight of the whole body, and the ankles are only helpful. As a result, this pad-like fleshy part is gradually removed or eroded from the soles of the feet.


Ankle problems

Wearing high heels disturbs the balance of the feet and ankles, as well as the weight of the whole body falls on the ankle joints. As a result, the risk of spraining the ankle naturally increases.


Nail problems


Usually the front side of the high heel is narrow like a boat without spreading. On the contrary, your fingers are slightly square. As a result, the weight of the whole body pushes the fingers further outwards. This increases the risk of nail biting.

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