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What to do if hit in the head!


There is no specific information on how many people are admitted to the hospital every year with head injuries. However, 300 people (per lakh) are Hospitalized every year in road accidents in the UK. Of these, nine per lakh died.


What to do if hit in the head?

The main cause of head injuries is road accidents. Apart from this, people get brain injuries due to falling from a high place, playing sports, getting injured while going to work, etc. It is possible to reduce the rate of head injury by following the rules.

hit in the head

When the head is hit, the brain inside the skull is damaged. There are two types of brain injury — focal and diffuse. Brain damage can be primary or secondary. The damage caused by a direct head injury is a primary injury. Bleeding into the brain after a head injury results in subsequent brain hemorrhage or edema. This is called secondary injury.


Trauma to the brain can be mild, moderate or severe depending on the severity. If the whole part of the brain is damaged by the injury, it is called ‘diffuse axonal injury’. In case of head injury, the patient must be taken to the hospital as soon as possible. Even if it seems normal to see the patient from outside, take him to the hospital immediately. Knowing the complete history of the patient’s injury, the physician may perform a CT scan of the brain to determine the extent of the injury and damage by performing a physical examination. An X-ray of the cervical spine is needed to look for a neck injury. Symptoms of a serious injury include loss of consciousness, nausea, or runny nose, and blood or runny nose. After initial treatment at the nearest hospital, he should be referred to the Neurosurgery Department for further treatment. If there is excessive bleeding inside the brain, surgery will be required.


What is the primary treatment for head injury?

if hit in the head

Question : What are the causes of head injury?


Answer: In fact, there are many reasons for head injury. The first of which is a road accident. It has been found that about 41% of the people are injured in road accidents. One study found that 70 percent of all road accident deaths were due to head injuries. In addition, falling from the top, getting hit in the head by a fight or falling on the head of a heavy object – these are also the reasons for head injury.

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There are other injuries that I call ‘occupational hazards’. Heavy equipment fell while going to work. There are other injuries that are common to our country. For example: a lot of times maybe a dab fell in the head. The rhythm fell in my head. Even jackfruit often falls.

Another injury is that the children may pull the TV trolley and the TV falls off. People in our country use very light trolleys to keep the TV. These are usually the causes of head injuries.


Question: Are there any symptoms to understand whether the head injury was very severe or not?

Answer: In fact, head injury is a serious issue. Because the brain controls all the organs in our body. All the limbs of the body are very important. That is why the brain is the most important. This regulates the activity of the limbs. For example, a family has such a guardian and he controls the activities of each of its members. In the same way, the brain controls all its organs. In that case, even a slight injury to the brain disrupts the activity of all the organs of the brain. That is why it would not be wrong to call a brain injury fatal.


Question: What are the possible causes of head injuries?

Answer: A patient may become unconscious after getting head injury. Or he may be hesitant. She can’t remember anything. Complains of headaches again. With vomiting, blinking eyes. Again, many times blood may come through the nose and ears. Or it can come like water. Or it may be black around the eyes. The back of the ear also often turns black. Some people get convulsions when they get hit in the head. One side of the body may become numb. Talk may stop. Speaks incoherently. If we have these, we say head injury.


Question: What should be done immediately if a person is usually hit in the head?

Answer: There may be other injuries with the head injury patient. For example, he may have a cervical injury to his neck. His lumbosacral coma could be a spinal injury. In that case his movement must be very limited.


If you see a patient with a head injury, you must first see if he is breathing properly. If breathing is not good, we will see if there is any obstruction in the nose or mouth. It needs to be shortened to allow breathing to be normal. Or artificially inhaled through the mouth. If it is seen, the place where blood is coming out from the head should be closed by pressing. And his movement is limited because if he is stretched too much he may get a neck injury. In that case, he should be picked up and taken to the nearest health center.

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Question: What we see on TV a lot of the time is that the memory is gone after being hit once in the head, the memory is back after being hit a second time. How reasonable is that?

Answer: It’s actually a very interesting thing. In fact, head injuries can lead to amnesia. These are called amnesia. These are followed by head injuries. It is seen that the patient is forgetting everything. However, it is not proven in medical science that the memory will come back after another injury. In that case the matter will be dramatic.

head is hit hard


What can happen if the head is hit hard :

A severe head injury – as in the case of Formula One legend Michael Schumacher in a recent ski accident – could be a ‘traumatic brain injury’. The consequences of such head injuries are often terrible.


Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) refers to brain damage caused by external trauma.

Needless to say, even a minor brain injury can be life threatening But it is also true that the human brain has a hard shell to protect it So hitting the head does not mean hitting the brain.


Experts say that if someone punches you hard in the head or falls in the wrong way or gets injured in an accident, the skull, brain and blood vessels in it can be affected.


It is not easy to see the effects of such injuries on the brain. Dangerous bleeding or swelling of the brain can often occur within hours or even days after the accident. So doctors often try to understand the depth of the injury by looking at the external changes of the patient For example, how the patient behaves, whether he opens his eyes when responding to someone’s call, whether he walks independently, how he responds when the patient is lightly hit, and how long the patient is unconscious after the injury.


Traumatic brain injury’ may not be the cause of such damage in many cases Again, it can be the cause of death Physicians have determined different stages in considering the extent of brain injury The first or mild stage is called ‘concussion’. This means that the brain is damaged due to intense agitation, injury or arousal At this stage, the brain usually returns to normal within a few days of the injury.


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When a patient is unconscious for 15 minutes or more after a head injury, the degree of injury is considered secondary. The easiest way to assess the extent of damage after a head injury is to consider how long the patient has been unconscious. The longer the patient remains unconscious, the greater the extent of the damage In the case of stage II injuries, it may take up to four weeks for the brain to return to normal However, such injuries can lead to attention problems, occasional headaches, and even abnormal behavior. These problems can go away for a few years


If the patient remains unconscious for more than an hour after the head injury, his or her TBI level is considered stage III. And the consequences of such an injury on the patient can be terrible Especially his physical and mental damage – both can be 6 In this case, the patient’s heart function may be disrupted, he may become paralyzed, and even his personality may change drastically. Third stage damage is usually irreparable.


Imaging technology is now used to test the extent of brain damage Three-dimensional scans of the patient’s brain are performed using this technology Physicians can then easily determine if there is bleeding in the brain, or if there is swelling or a specific area is affected.

Patients with moderate or severe brain injury are kept in the hospital’s ‘intensive care unit’. They may need immediate surgery on their head. The size of the human skull is fixed. But it is seen that as a result of the injury, there is bleeding in the brain or some part is swollen. Doctors then try to reduce the pressure on the brain by puncturing the skull. In this case the patient is also given medicine.


If a child is hit on the head, it is important to note:


If the child does not lose consciousness immediately after the injury or does not vomit within an hour. Then there is nothing to be afraid of. The situation will be severe when the child becomes nauseous, nauseous or unconscious. Then you need to consult a doctor immediately.


how the child is behaving, responding to calls, walking independently, feeling well, and breathing properly. If the head is bleeding, stop the bleeding by pressing the cut area. If necessary, wash your head with cold water.


After a head injury, the child can walk and talk, but can get a CT scan on the advice of a doctor. If there is an internal problem, it will be caught.


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