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Home remedies for yellow teeth


Brushing according to all the rules, despite having yellow spots on the teeth, does not work at all? Especially when you apply lipstick in bright shades like red or pink, the yellow look is more noticeable? No matter how anxious you may be to get out of this situation, it is equally important to remember a few important facts.

Home remedies for yellow teeth

We have two layers of teeth – inside called dentin, it is slightly yellow. The top white layer is enamel. The enamel, however, gradually begins to erode, then the internal dentin becomes visible.


To avoid this situation, the more times you brush or the more you scaling, the higher the rate of corrosion of the enamel. So you should not brush more than three times a day. Do not rub too much while brushing, rubbing too much with lemon juice or baking soda will give temporary results, but in the end the enamel will be more damaged. Excessive drinking (especially red wine), smoking, drinking tea and coffee, fruit juices, spicy foods or soft drinks can also cause tooth decay. So it is very important to wash well within 10 minutes of drinking this kind of drink.


So there is no way out of this situation?

Here. First buy a rotating or pendulum brush. A battery powered cradle brush certainly cleans your teeth better than a manual brush. Turmeric paste or mouthwash is available in the market but it should not be used for more than one month –

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This increases the risk of enamel corrosion. You can also use a mixture of baking soda and water. However, as mentioned earlier, it can erode the enamel, so it is best not to use it too often. Be sure to talk to your dentist once before using any bleaching agent.


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