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How did dinosaurs become extinct?


The name “dinosaur” actually reminds me of some huge, terrifying creatures. This monster-shaped prehistoric inhabitant is not actually seen outside of movies or documentaries, but the remains of the creature give an idea of ​​the creature. Scientists have discovered that dinosaurs have been traversing the earth for about 160 million years.

The first dinosaurs are said to have seen the face of light about 230 million years ago. About 65 million years ago, a natural disaster destroyed the effects of dinosaurs. It is currently thought that dinosaurs of the Theropod species are the ancestors of modern birds.

How did dinosaurs become extinct

There is no end to the speculations about how this giant animal became extinct. The 1st dinosaur fossils were discovered in the early 19th century. The skeletal remains of dinosaurs trapped inside various rocks and mountains reveal their physical constitution. Some even like to think of dinosaurs as reptiles, although no argument can be found for them.

Researchers have long theorized that a large asteroid hit the dinosaur chapter on Earth. But disagreements over the possibility of such a catastrophic catastrophe cast doubt on the credibility of those theories. Finally, a group of researchers consisting of American and European scientists, in a recently published thesis , have come up with a number of ideas in favor of asteroid catastrophe.

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After years of research, geologist Glenn Penfield has discovered a large volcanic crater near the Mexican city of Kixilob, which is more than 110 miles wide. It bears witness to the so-called cosmic catastrophe. He described the eruption as one billion times more powerful than the Hiroshima-Nagasaki bomb.

Past analyzes on the same subject claim that the Kiksiulab volcano calmed down about 300,000 years before the dinosaurs disappeared, which further obscures the whole matter. But recent experiments with state-of-the-art radiometric methods on nearby fossil samples suggest that dinosaur extinction is largely due to the massive asteroid impact and the resulting disasters. They have also blamed the world’s climate adversity.

So far this is the latest theory about the conclusion of the dinosaur era. What do you think about these lost animals? There was an invitation to share with everyone through comments. Thanks.


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