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How do birds fly


When I see birds flying, I think, aha! If only I could fly! If we had wings like birds, we could fly. Now the question is,

how do birds fly?

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How do birds fly

The birds are awesome. They have some special features that make them second to none.

1.  One of the characteristics is that they have feathers on them.

2. Due to the presence of hollow bones , they can float very easily.

3. Birds do anything very fast . Breathes fast. The bird leaves feces and urine whenever it wants.

4. The baby chicks hatch . So never put the baby in the bird’s belly and do not gain weight.

5. Birds eat foods that are very light, such as insects, grains. These foods contain a lot of calories. Take food with the lips.

6. They have warm blood.

Let us now know what are the characteristics of bird feathers:




The feathers are very light but strong. These are flexible and resilient. The feather pattern of the birds helps to keep them light while flying. Feathers are made of a substance called keratin. They look tough but they are not tough. They are directly involved with the spine. Feathers are made from thousands of burb or thorns. These burbs contain a lot of air. A bird can have 1000-25000 feathers in its body.

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How do birds fly



This is an important organ. It has a lot to do with flying. It works like this. Maintains balance during flight, guides flight direction, helps to descend from top to bottom.



Birds do not have heavy jaws and teeth. Has very thin lips.

From the above discussion, it is understood that the physical constitution of a bird is perfect for flying. The physical structure is made in such a way that it is suitable for flying. Every part of their body mass is lighter but more powerful. The heavier an animal is, the bigger its wings are. The larger its wings, the more muscles it needs to move its wings.

Their eyesight and hearing are keen. The bird’s ear also works to maintain balance.

Now let’s come to the main point of  how birds fly . Each type of bird has different flight techniques. But the basic idea is one.

The wing of a bird is called airfoil . When the airfoil moves in the air, the airfoil is carried up and down. In order to carry two types of air at the same time on both ends of the wing, the air at the top surface of the wing has to be much farther and faster than the bottom surface. This causes the upper surface air to exert less pressure on the wings and the lower surface air to exert more pressure. As a result, the bird rises to the top. The faster the wingspan, the faster the bird will be able to climb. The wings have been shown solely to give a sense of proportion. People use their hands to swim, just as birds use their wings to fly. The wings have been shown solely to give a sense of proportion
Moves forward. The wings have been shown solely to give a sense of proportion. When the bird takes the wing downwards, the wind blows and then in the opposite direction, causing it to rise and fly upwards. It is easier to fly when the air pressure on the wings is low and the air pressure under the wings is high.

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Now the question may arise,

how does the bird gliding ?


Many birds can be gliding for hours, such as eagles. How do they fly without wings? The birds glide using a special religion of the wind. We know that during the day the temperature of the sun expands and the air rises to the top, this is called thermal . Using this religion of the wind, the bird places itself lightly on the air and rises with the wind. The surface has to be heated a lot to get to the thermal state, so the birds have to wait till noon for gliding. Birds glide downwards as the wind flow increases.

When the bird wants to descend after flight, it gradually reduces its fluttering of its wings and begins to fold its wings , the effect of gravity / gravity is to bring the bird down. The most difficult to take off and landing is to match the wings . They have to do these two things carefully. Once you get to the top, the birds start flying at ease.

Airplanes have been discovered today from the technique of flying birds. Today people are flying in the sky with the dream of flying like a bird with airplanes, parachutes, spacecraft. Everything has become possible today as a result of the practice of science .

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