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How mobile phone work?


How Mobile Phone Networks Work


When we call our loved ones and acquaintances on mobile, it connects in a few seconds. No matter the distance between two users, we can always communicate with the person on the other end in a matter of seconds. Do you know how the mobile phone network works so fast? If you don’t know, keep reading, today’s article is for you.

From where you are reading this article today, I hope everyone is physically and mentally healthy. I am starting today’s article wishing everyone well. Before we know how the mobile phone network works, we need to know how the telephone or landline works.

how mobile works

In 1875, Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone. The telephone is basically a wired means of communication. When we used to communicate with someone on the telephone in earlier days (although now some offices, courts use telephone) it was a big process.

The telephone basically works via cable. That is, each telephone is connected to each other by cable. And each telephone has a specific number, which is its identity. When we make a call by dialing a specific number on the telephone, that telephone number is used by us to make the call.

Many modern mobile phones use the concept of telephone communication. The only difference is the cable. Mobile wireless systems are called cellular networks. So let’s find out, how the mobile phone network works!

A country or an area is divided into many cells. This is why mobile phones are often called cellphones. Each cell has a mobile tower or Base Transceiver Station (BTS). These towers are installed by various telecommunication service providers. There are many towers or base stations in an area.

And all the towers or base stations in an area are connected to a base station controller. And each Base Station Controller (BSC) is connected to a Mobile Switching Center (MSC). This mobile switching center is for the most important mobile phone network.

When we talk on a mobile phone, the internal micron in our mobile phone receives our voice and converts it into digital wave. By digital web I mean binary numbers. Then our phone has an antenna, which converts digital wave into electromagnetic wave or radio wave.

This time the nearest tower around us receives that electromagnetic wave from the phone and sends it to the Base Station Controller (BSC). The base station controller sends it to the Mobile Switching Center (MSC). This is where the main process takes place.

A mobile switching center is a place where all the data of your SIM is stored. This means that all the data like SIM number, name of the owner of the SIM, EMI number of the device on which the SIM is being used, address of the SIM etc. are stored in MSC.

The MSC analyzes all these data and finds out which cell the person who was called is now located in. The MSC will send the frequency to the base station of the cell in which the person resides. Then the base station will receive it and send it to the person’s mobile. Mobile will receive it and convert it from electromagnetic wave to digital wave. It will then convert the digital wave into sound and reach the person’s ear through the speaker.

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This is how mobile networks work. The process seems very complicated, doesn’t it? This process is not at all complicated with digital technology, the whole process is completed in a few seconds.

Let’s try to make the point a little clearer with an example. Suppose you call your friend. Your friend’s name is jon, he lives in Newtown and you live in New York. Now when you dial Jon’s number, a signal from your phone will go to the nearest tower (base station). The tower will then send the signal from your phone to a mobile switching center via a base station controller. The mobile switching center will use your friend’s mobile number to find out his address in which cell (area) Jon is now in Newtown. The mobile switching center in the cell where Jon is will send your signal to the tower of that cell. The tower will receive it and send it to your friend’s mobile phone. This is how the mobile phone network works.

* Base stations or towers are always in motion.

The advantage of using a mobile phone


Advantages of using mobile phone: Mobile phone is one of the most important electronic devices in our daily life . There are many benefits to using a mobile phone. Again, the number of disadvantages is not less. We all know that it is natural that things that have advantages will have some disadvantages. But let’s not forget about the advantages and disadvantages of using a mobile phone, excluding the disadvantages of mobile phones:

The advantage of using a mobile phone


Today’s mobile phones have many advantages. You can’t just talk with smart phones! Besides talking, thousands of other things can be done at present with smartphones. However, the biggest aspect of mobile phone discovery is that it has revolutionized the communication system where it used to take months to communicate with someone but now it is possible to communicate from one end of the earth to the other in seconds. Where exchanging letters could take days or even months.

Another big advantage is that nowadays you can talk on smartphones as well as take advantage of the internet . Before that the only way to use the internet was computer. If you have a smartphone in your hand now, it means that you are walking around with a computer because all the work of computer can be done on smartphones at present. It has become a medium of communication as well as a means of entertainment.

Some important tips


After all, the mobile phone is one of the elements of modernity. This has brought about a radical change in the communication system as well as in trade and commerce and in all fields. And the world is moving in the palm of your hand. Because you can take news from any part of the world instantly while sitting at home through mobile phone.

Although it is possible to talk only with the mobile phones of the early days, now it is possible to see everything that the beloved person is doing or not doing with video call with the mobile phones.

Mobile phones have also made our lifestyle smarter by reducing the use of many things. One time clock was the only way to see the time. But thanks to mobile phones, you no longer have to use a separate watch to see the time because it is possible to see the time through the mobile phone. Also FM radio was the only way to know the news of the country and abroad at one time. But now you can listen to the radio through mobile phone. Due to this, the days of using radio separately are over. Then there is the calculator which was the only instrument for calculation. Today it is also possible to do it through mobile phone so you don’t need to use a separate calculator to do the calculation.

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However, the problem is that at present, due to the huge benefits of smart phones, people are becoming more and more attracted to. And overuse of smartphones can lead to a variety of problems, including eye problems. However, the problem with using a mobile phone is that the benefits are many times greater, so all these difficulties are out of reach.

Learn about the harmful effects of mobile phones


A mobile phone, Mobile, Cell Mobile Phone, Cell Phone, Cellular Phone, Hand Phone or Cell Phone Wireless Telephone in English: Mobile phone is abbreviated to cep telefonu or Just Phone in Turkish. Mobile means mobile or “portable”. Modern Mobile Telephone services use cellular network architectures and so mobile telephones are called North American cellular telephones or cell phones. In addition to telephony, mobile phones of the 2000s feature only those phones that support various services like text messaging, MMS, email, internet access, short-range wireless communication (infrared, bluetooth), business applications, video games and digital photography. Known as phone; Mobile phones that give a lot of advanced computing capabilities are referred to as smartphones. In our lives Mobile phones are destroying society and manpower by having harmful effects.

Harmful effects of mobile phones


Nowadays, it is said that the mobile phone is our best friend. What we don’t know is that this friend is slowly destroying our lives. Today, the world’s population is about 7 billion, of which about 6 billion people use a mobile phone. However, most people are not so much concerned about the harmful effects of mobile phones . So the harmful effects of mobile phones are highlighted below:

Neck problems: – Looking


At your smartphone while texting and stroking the neck muscles while you are browsing can cause knots or spam. It can even cause nerve pain that spreads to the back, shoulders or arms. Take regular breaks at least every 20 minutes while you’re texting or browsing your smartphone. Hold your phone while you use it. Do regular exercises that strengthen and stretch muscles like yoga and pilates.

Don’t hold the phone properly: –


Avoid holding your phone between your shoulders and ears. Holding your smartphone between your ears for long periods of time can cause neck pain. If you have been in this position for too long, you may have neck pain. If you must stay in this position while talking on the phone, take frequent breaks and move your neck frequently to avoid stiffening.

Text while driving : –

Do not text and drive. It is very dangerous to read while driving. Teaching while driving distracts you from what is happening on the road. It takes a few seconds to be driven towards an accident. In 2015, about 3,500 people were killed and about 391,000 were injured in car accidents involving confused drivers. There are several state laws that prohibit the use of cell phones while driving. Other states require hands-free use of cell phones while driving.

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Talking while driving:

Talking while driving can be fatal. It is not safe to talk on a smartphone while driving. Talking on the phone while driving causes something called cognitive confusion. This kind of confusion takes your mind off the road, so you’re using a hands-free device with voice-activated dialing that doesn’t keep your attention on the road. When you are talking on a cell phone while driving, your eyes and brain can sense what is going on around you. Talking on a smartphone while driving increases the risk of a car accident. You must make phone calls while driving.

Using a smartphone in the dark: –


Reduce smartphone use after dark. Beware of blue lights. Blue light from wavelengths emitted by smartphones, lights and computers, tablets and TV screens causes harmful health effects. Exposure to this wavelength of light disrupts circadian rhythms. Exposure to blue light after sunset interferes with sleep. Blue light can contribute to heart disease, obesity, diabetes and other health conditions. Decrease your exposure to unnecessary light, including the screen of the smartphone after dark.

Using a smartphone while walking: –

Danger of walking while using a
smartphone. Pay attention while walking. The danger of walking while texting or surfing on your smartphone. You may think it is okay to compose a quick text while walking and going out, but it is not the right time to use a smartphone while walking. Surprisingly, 52% of accidents are caused by the use of smartphones while walking. Accidents can include broken bones, head injuries and muscle and tender strains. Sit or stand when you need to call, text or talk on your smartphone.

Smartphones cause cancer: –

Smartphone use is associated with brain cancer, brain tumors and other types of cancer. Evidence from epidemiological research shows no link between smartphone use and these conditions. If you are concerned about the ionizing radiation emitted by cell phones, you should limit their use. If you want to reduce your exposure to cell phone radiation, talk on the phone in speaker mode or use a headphone.

Smartphones cause arthritis pain : –

Excessive smartphone use can increase arthritis pain. Excessive smartphone use can be associated with increased symptoms of arthritis pain. Conditions include tenderness and pain at the base of the finger. Texting your phone with your thumb can make the pain worse. There is no cure for arthritis, but rest, pain medications and splint wear can relieve the symptoms.

Use of smartphones reduces vision : –

Exposure to blue light from smartphones can damage vision. The blue light of a smartphone can cause health effects like eye strain and pain. This type of light can even damage the cornea and affect vision. Cornea is a clear lens in front of the eyes. If you experience eye strain, pain or vision problems related to smartphone use, reduce the use of these devices. The same is true of tablets, computers and TVs. When you use these devices, take frequent breaks to rest your eyes.

Decreases intimacy and trust: –

Smartphones make you less connected to the social connections around you. Believe it or not, the presence of a smartphone reduces intimacy and trust between people even when people are talking privately. It also reduces the ability to feel empathy and compassion from those who were with them. The presence of smartphones disrupts bonding and intimacy. Set aside your smartphone when you are chatting privately with others.


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