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How do submarines work


Have you ever wondered how a submarine worksMany wonder how the submarine moves and how it floats in the water and then goes under the water again. Submarines are based on the ” ballast tank theory ” of the ancient Greek scientist Archimedes . In 1620, Cornelius Jacobsjun Drebel discovered the first submarine as a Dutch vessel.

How do submarines work

Ballast tank theory is that when an insoluble object is immersed in water, it will remove water equal to its volume. Simply put, if the thing submerged in water is lighter than the mass of water removed, it may float away.

If an empty plastic bottle is filled with air, the bottle will remain afloat. If the bottle is refilled with water, all the air will be expelled and the bottle will become heavy and sink in the water. Again, if half the air is kept in the bottle, then the bottle will remain floating in the semi-submerged state. The submarine is operated using the same formula.

Following the same formula, submarines have some ballast tankers in which water and air are pumped inside with the help of instruments. When the submarine needs to be submerged, the water is pumped into these ballast tankers so that the submarine becomes heavy and sinks. When it needs to be floated again, the water in the ballast tanker takes out the bullets and with the help of the device the air starts blowing fast so that the submarine floats on the water.

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However, this does not change the pressure inside the submarine because it uses high quality steel, titanium and other metals. Because of these metals, not only the inside of the submarine but also the outside water has the ability to withstand high pressure.

Oxygen is created with the help of instruments to supply oxygen inside the submarine.

Many question how far the submarine can go under water. In fact, if the submarine has a specified range below that range, the submarine will crash. U.S. nuclear submarines and Russian submarines, capable of carrying the most pressure among modern modern submarines, cannot go below 4500 feet. If it goes, the submarine will flatten under the huge pressure of water.

How long a submarine stays under water depends on how much fuel it has and how much food the crew has in reserve. If the diesel is a submarine, the diesel never has to come up after a while. And if it is a nuclear submarine, it can stay underwater for 25 years or more continuously with fuel once but it has to come to the surface for food. Because the nuclear submarine itself can stay under water for 25 years or more but after 6 months Must come upstairs. Submarines cannot store food for more than 6 months.

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