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How To Do Makeup At Home


See How to do makeup at home : Girl means to do makeup. There are many girls who love to do makeup. Finding a girl who doesn’t like to wear makeup is difficult in this age. Makeup is a common thing in this age. Makeup must be done at various events, weddings, birthdays, seminars, etc. Moreover, those models will do makeup. Because their beauty is enhanced by makeup .

How to do makeup at home

However, nowadays girls as well as boys wear makeup. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. So there is a way to do the right makeup . Makeup will be easy and beautiful if you use that method. In order to make makeup beautiful, you must have the right idea about makeup. And you need to know the name and price of all the ingredients used to make makeup.

Here you can find out the exact method of applying makeup and also the names of all the makeup ingredients. You can easily understand what kind of makeup you will do in any event .

How to do makeup at home?

We all want to present ourselves beautifully. You have to tidy yourself up to present yourself beautifully. And we have to use some cosmetics to keep it tidy. Which makes us more beautiful externally. How to do makeup ? Many of you are hesitant about this question. But now we can do makeup at home. Hey, we have to remember some necessary steps or rules to do makeup while sitting at home.

However, many of us are afraid to do makeup at home. If we know the right method or technique and can use it then we are no longer afraid. We can prepare ourselves for any occasion sitting at home.

And the rules of doing makeup while sitting in our  house are:

  1. Before applying makeup, you must first clean your face. And you can use any good quality face wash or scrub to clean the face.
  2. Then you need to use a good quality toner.
  3. After using the toner for a while you need to use a good quality moisturizer.
  4. If you go out during the day, you need to use sunscreen cream after using moisturizer.
  5. Then you need to blend the foundation and concealer well for face makeup.
  6. Now you have to set the foundation and concealer with loose powder.
  7. You can make your eye makeup according to your desired ritual.
  8. After applying eye makeup, you need to use face controlling, blush and highlighter.
  9. Then you can use lipstick according to your wishes and tastes.
  10. Lastly, spray the setting to better set your entire face makeup. But remember to close your eyes and breath while giving.
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The name of the thing to do makeup

Many of us want to do makeup but we don’t know what it takes to do makeup . Before applying makeup or buying makeup products, you must first remember what your skin type is. Makeup products are to be purchased according to skin type. Skin can be of different types. Such as: natural skin, oily skin and dry skin. You also need to buy makeup according to your skin color. Especially foundation and concealer.

Then you have to keep in mind that the name of good makeup . To buy good quality makeup you need to have a general idea about good quality makeup. And you have to keep an eye on which brand of makeup is better in the market. You also need to have an idea about the price of the type of makeup you will be buying.

Here’s what you need to know to apply makeup:

  • Facewash
  • Scrub
  • Toner
  • Moisturizer
  • Primer
  • Foundation
  • Concealer
  • Face powder
  • Eye shadow box
  • Mascara
  • Eyeliner
  • I lash
  • Controller
  • Blashan
  • Highlighter
  • Lipstick
  • Spray setting
  • Banana Luxury Powder
  • Kajal
  • Makeup remover
  • Makeup brush etc.

(The price of any of your makeup products will be different. Because it varies depending on the market demand and the company.)

Eye makeup

The most interesting part of your face is your eyes. And when you can decorate your eyes in an attractive way, then your eyes will become invaluable gems. When you look at a person, the first thing you look at is the eyes. So we girls like to decorate the eyes in a very beautiful way. And we have to use a variety of methods to decorate the eyes. If we follow these rules well then eye makeup will be attractive and not overly beautiful.

Let’s not know

-what it takes to do our eye makeup?


First you can draw eyebrows with any eyebrow pommete of your choice.

Eye Foundation:

You need to apply the foundation well on the upper eyelid and blend it.


The most fun and beautiful part of eye makeup is eye shadow. When you do eyeshadow you can do your eye makeup as you wish. In this case, you can make your eyeshadow according to the color of the ceremony and the type of clothes you will wear when you go to the event.


Eyeliner is a kind of kajal that is given on the upper part of your eyes. But if you don’t want to, you can’t.


Kajal is exactly the same, you can give it if you want and you can’t give it again. However, giving Kajal enhances the beauty of the eyes.


You can use mascara on my eyelids to make your eyelids more attractive.

Falls Eyelash:

You can use False Eyelashes to increase the attractiveness of your eyes and make your small eyes look bigger. In this case, in order to use false eyelashes, you must first take false eyelashes and apply it on the eyes and dry it.

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Parlor makeup

When it comes to makeup, you can do it at home or in a parlor. If you have an invitation to an important event or if you are the chief guest of an event then you should go to your parlor and do makeup. Because the parlor has makeup artists, they decorate very well and can make you more attractive.

Basically, when you want to go to a wedding party, birthday, yellow or any kind of interesting event, it is better to go to the parlor to do makeup. Because we can only do our daily makeup while sitting at home. I can’t do heavy makeup like a parlor. For example: We can do different types of makeup look including party makeup look, natural makeup look, yellow ceremony look, bridal look, engagement ceremony look.

Going to a parlor is not the only way to do makeup. Different types of hair styles for girls can be done in the parlor. There are many styles of hair that cannot be done alone. So it is very good to go to our parlor and do makeup with hair style and it makes us look attractive and beautiful.

We also get many other types of services by going to the parlor. Such as: manicure-pedicure, hair spa, body spa, eyebrow plaque, hair cut and various types of facials. And we can’t do this kind of service at home alone. Because to take this kind of service requires many kinds of equipment and many kinds of products which are not readily available to us. So we go to the parlor and take care of many types of skin care and body care including makeup.

Natural makeup

Natural makeup means that you will have an attractive makeup look, leaving it the way you look naturally or naturally. Where you will not look extra white or extra black. It will bring a very simple makeup look. And even though more than one product is used to make this kind of makeup, it looks very simple. Many reputable company products are used when applying natural makeup.

However, many people say that natural makeup means the things that are done in nude color, but in fact it is not. Natural makeup will make you look extraordinary. And the kind of product you use won’t let you down. You look like you came up with a little bit of kajal, lipstick and blush. But not really.

And natural makeup lasts a long time. This is because this type of makeup is mostly waterproof makeup. But nowadays girls prefer to do natural makeup for any occasion. Because all the girls want to show their beauty through makeup. Excessive makeup spoils your beauty and extra makeup brings bad for your skin.

So nowadays girls bring their attractiveness through natural makeup. As a result, they look very ordinary. If you look at it from a distance, you will not realize that they have used any makeup. But the makeup look has been done in such a way that it looks normal. And that’s what we call natural makeup.

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Boys makeup

Girls are worshipers of innate beauty so they prefer to dress up more. But now the boys also like to dress up. Because the kind of makeup that girls use nowadays, the kind of makeup that boys use to show off their beauty. However, like girls, boys do not use such colorful makeup. They look very normal when they use makeup.

In most cases, the boys create a very natural makeup look. Because they don’t like extra makeup at all. So the boys do makeup like white clay. Boys also do body care, skin care and hair care. At present saloons have been set up for boys in different countries of the world including Bangladesh. They provide a variety of services to the boys and have the advantage that the boys can do makeup.

The guys who work on the television screen use a lot of makeup. They don’t come in front of the camera without makeup. Because it would not be so interesting to see them. And the light that the camera has, the light of the light does a lot of damage to the skin. So they have to use some makeup to work in front of the camera. One of the ingredients of boys makeup is foundation, face powder and setting spray. But nowadays boys do makeup. Many things have become commonplace.

We children are all worshipers of beauty. We are all attracted to beauty. And through this attraction we meet our needs and wants. Beauty always attracts us because we give priority to beauty and necessity in choosing anything. We all know girls like to do makeup but nowadays boys like to do makeup.

Important thing: Hopefully we have been able to give you a complete idea about boy and girls makeup. And I have been able to give you a complete idea about how to do makeup . So we have to do makeup keeping this in mind so that it does not harm our skin after using our makeup products. You have to use good quality makeup after seeing and hearing well. However, before buying any makeup product, we must look at the expiration date. And any makeup product should be used up to two years from the day of use. Excessive use of it can cause various problems to our skin.

So we should know about makeup well before and after using makeup. On the other hand, when we remove makeup after using makeup, we will clean our skin with a good makeup remover. And I will clean the skin better with a good face wash. I will clean the skin in such a way that no makeup sticks to the skin. I must be careful before using makeup and it is better to acquire complete ideas and knowledge while using makeup products.


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