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How to make love


Questions and answers are arranged in rows below for easy understanding:


How to love, why to do and why not!


How to make love?

Love is a huge thing that can’t be done with technology. One day a technique works but the next day it may not work. But with good planning and hard work, things get a little easier.


What must love do?

This question is urgent. Why do you love You have to see if you can go without love. If the person feels very restless in life, then it is better to make love, but you will see that if you want to spend time on some good deeds, then it will work even if you don’t have a body. But love is as good as lossUnderstand and love . Think of the loss.

how to make love

Find out who you like best?

It is important to feel good in order to make love. Who likes it? Who is he? There are many people around any human being. Relatives Friendly Friend also how many people are junior senior in college. There must be someone who seems to be different from everyone else. Who is he to find out? If it so happens that the one who feels good is falling in love with another one, then it should end here.

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Find out the reason for choice-

Find out the reason why you like the person you have decided to fall in love with. Why does he attract you so much? Body structure or beauty? If that is the case, think again about the reality of this love. Will he not be able to adapt to life or will it be more painful?


Follow him –

One has to spend some time with a person to get to know him. If it is understood that he is too busy for any other reason than you, then change the decision. Love and do not take advantage of this? So think carefully about how you will find out the details about it. If you don’t know, you will regret it later.


Respect –

If you need a friend for life, not for love, remember that the person you are dating respects you. Before you know how to love , know how to understand if he respects you .



In the case of love, one has to come forward first. If both of them are ashamed, then there will be no love. Some people think that girls can be born if they offer. Nowadays many people are losing everything in vain. So girls can follow some technique and propose with boys. In this case, more friendly behavior or help or acquaintance with personal matters. None of this can be the first step in making love. But be careful. Never give in to the demands of boys.

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Boys can offer girls in advance. But keep in mind that nowadays many girls are underground workers. So play as much as you can. Love but do not go a little without knowing. A lot of things are happening nowadays, including embezzlement of money. Think twice before proposing love. Once offered, keep it in mind. Keep him in mind. Awaken the feeling of love in yourself. Do not offer love just for the sake of love. It feels good, how many people like it. So it would not be right to offer love just because it feels good. Feel good, see if it turns into love. Take your time. Haste is not right at all.


Nowadays most of them are seen as strangers. The matter is moving towards a very exaggerated stage. Beliefs and values ​​are nothing. So it is important to be more careful about this.


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