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How to remove a stuck key in the lock


Of course, skill is required, but even a basic knowledge of the reasons for locking the key in the lock can help prevent or solve this problem. So let’s take a look at some practical tips that can save you the trouble of opening the door.

Possible causes of key locking

Before talking about specific actions to remove the key stuck in the lock, you need to know the reason. One of the main reasons the key can get stuck in the lock is improper use. In this case, we mean:

In addition, the causes of this problem can be:

  • A key that was not well processed.
  • It distorted disk format.
  • Lock the lock pins by locking the key.
  • sloping door;
  • rubble entering the well of the castle.
  • The key is broken inside the lock.

The key is locked in the case or padlock

What to do if the key is stuck in the door lock and can not be pulled out? Probably only professional locksmith in Tampa FL, knows the answer to this question. The reason for this blockage may be mechanical damage to the lock, and most likely, the spring is broken. As a result, pins are dropped, which impedes the key. Therefore, a specialist will get the key from the door lock without damage, but there is no 100% certainty even in this case.

If you can not ask for help, you can take independent action.

  • For a start, you need to calm down and get together.
  • You can spray the keyhole with liquid WD-40 based on kerosene. This tool is sold in aerosol cans. If you can not afford it, use a syringe to fill a small machine or, in extreme cases, sunflower oil. It will lubricate the old parts of the locking mechanism.
  • After a while, you need to shake the key from side to side.
  • Now respray the mechanism and start removing the key. In this case, you can turn it from side to side and at the same time pull it towards you. But do not overdo it, as this can break the key. You can drag the key with pliers, but also carefully.
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If you managed to pull the key yourself, then the next thing you need to do is change the lock. The fact is that this problem will probably recur, but it will be more challenging to remove the key. You will have to break the lock. It will cost you more. When the key is stuck in the lock and the door is to be opened, remove the cylindrical portion of the lock. When tapping with a unique tool, the larva splits into two parts, after which it can be easily removed from the lock. Then, using a screwdriver, you have to press the locking plate and slide your tongue. After a few simple manipulations, the door will open.

In a situation where the key is stuck in the lock before the door is closed, you can painlessly remove the “core” of the lock. To do this, you need to open the case inside the door. Next, you need to find the clip that holds the larva and unscrew it. Now push down on the cylindrical element and remove it. Next, install a new larva and secure it to the locking mechanism.

When the key bites on the door lock during the turn when closing and opening the door and when the door is open, the lock works without problems, then the reason is the sloping door. Or rather, the tongue of the lock does not pass to the corresponding or touch it. In this case, it is necessary to fill the corresponding with a file or a drill. This situation often occurs, especially in new homes, where the institution plays.

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Prevent situations with a locked key in a door lock

To prevent and prevent this condition, it is necessary from time to time to clean the lock from dirt and lubricate it with kerosene or primarily through rust, dust, and frost. In addition, to avoid the problem of a stuck key and not to worry about removing the key from the door lock, you can put a cover in the keyhole, which will prevent the entry of debris and dust.

Another good tip to keep in mind is to install two independent locks on top of each other. It will allow you to use a spare lock if you bite the key when closing the door. You will not have to use a defective one at your own risk. Otherwise, you may not return home at all on return, and there is no time to change the locking device. That is where the second lock will come in handy.

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We take the key out of the padlock

If the door is closed with a padlock, the key sticks unexpectedly. There are two exits. One of them is pretty radical – take a hacksaw for metal and cut the hinge part of the lock or the tie to which it is attached. But what if you do not want to damage the castle and do not have such a saw in hand. In this case, you can do all the same steps as with a lock over your head. After all, their internal mechanism may not be different, and the reason for biting the key will be the same broken spring, which does not allow the movement of the lock pins.

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Maybe the key was stuck in the lock before it was hung on the door, then you can try the following options:

  • Soak the whole lock-in kerosene or smear it with anti-rust liquid.
  • Heat the lock well.
  • Replace the cylinder part (cylinder) of the lock.

Thus, how to remove the key from the door lock requires a careful approach, but in practice, will also need skills. If you are unsure of your abilities, do not remove the key. Break it, and you will not open the door accurately without damage. Instead, contact ALL IN ONE LOCKSMITH, where specialized and experienced Locksmith Tampa will assist you in opening the door and removing the key from the lock. And in the future, be vigilant and do not allow such situations.

Many are familiar with when the key breaks in the keyhole when trying to open the front door—quite an unpleasant picture. Most people in these conditions get lost and are upset, mainly if they have limited time. However, do not panic because there is always a way out!



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