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How to save money


Easy way to save money, the benefits of saving


We all know that ‘savings bring prosperity’. But saving is a much harder task. And nowadays the cost of living has become so high that it is not possible for everyone to save easily.

There is a saying, “Money is the root of all evil,” but money is the most important means of livelihood. Just as it is not possible to make a living without money, so many people get tired because of money.


At one stage of life, almost everyone starts earning. But many do not know how to spend that money properly.
You may be in the middle of your life now. Assuming your age is 20 to 30 you still think you are a full fledged youth but it is also true that you have already spent half of your life, so now is the time to think about how to make money and how to ensure your future.

In this article we will learn about some of the financial saving habits that will help you to manage your money properly.

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how to save money

Create a budget to spend money

Create a market in such a way that you can get a fair idea in advance in which cases your money may be spent. Now keep an account of one taka there. Mention in detail how much you have spent in any sector. You can reduce the allocation in the budget accordingly by determining the unnecessary sector and looking at the amount of expenditure.

If you know in which sector you are spending unnecessarily then you can reduce the expenditure there.
And if you can reduce the cost, it will be possible to save your money.


Pay off all debts


We have to take a loan from a bank or any other medium for different reasons at different times, these loans are interest based and we have to pay more than the principal amount. The longer the loan, the higher the interest. There are many people who take a loan from one place and repay another loan. But this is not the right way at all. This only aggravates our financial woes.

If you want to save money, first of all you have to pay off all kinds of debts. Even if you give up all your luxuries, you must first get rid of debt. If you can pay off all your debts, you can save as much as you want.


Set savings goals


One of the motivations for saving money is to decide in advance why you are saving.

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Maybe you want to travel to a place of your choice or start your own business. So in that case you have to set a goal, in this time I will save this amount of money because I want to do this with that money. If you can motivate yourself in this way, your money savings will increase a lot.


Quit smoking or any other bad habit

We all know how difficult it is to quit smoking. But when you think about a cigarette daily, how much money you are wasting on that cigarette. When you can see exactly how much money you can save without smoking that one cigarette, then maybe you will be easy without that habit.

So try to quit smoking or any other habits that are ruining your money.


Reduce daily expenses


You notice in your daily life how you are spending every penny. If you see that if you walk this little path you will gain five rupees then walk that path. And if you find that it is possible to save money by going home and eating cooked food without eating out, then do that.
Calculate all your personal expenses and see where you are spending extra. Do not hire anyone else for the work you can do on your own. Proper use of necessary resources like electricity, water, gas etc. will be used for your personal gain as well as for the proper use of state resources.

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Use good quality items that will reduce your temporary costs but reduce your future costs.

If the daily back cover decreases, you will see monthly. And if the cost is reduced, the savings can be increased. This way you can be smart in determining your expenses.


Create an emergency fund


There is no certainty as to the exact course of human life. Any danger can come at any time. So set up an emergency fund in advance to save yourself from that danger from which you will not withdraw money until you are completely incapacitated. Set a target of at least Rs 50,000 or Rs 100,000 in your emergency fund. In this way you can easily overcome your sudden disaster or any other danger or need.

In this case, if you see a good package and deposit money in the bank. Then you will also get some extra benefits due to your long term project. And you can withdraw that money whenever you want or when you need it.


If you follow the above mentioned methods, we hope that it will be easier for you to achieve financial well-being and save money. So save and build a prosperous life.


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