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How to speed up the computer


Top 10 Tips to Keep Computer Fast and Slow Computer Fast


Although we get good speed in the beginning of using our hobby or work computer, its speed gradually starts to slow down. As a result of which the computer hangs, the work speed decreases and time is wasted. So today I will share with you some tips through which you can maintain the performance of your computer and slow computer fast.

How to speed up the computer


1. Caution in Software Installation:


When installing some software, unnecessary software is installed along with it. Which can reduce the performance of your computer. So take care of every step while installing any software. So that other software is not installed along with the original software.


    2. Uninstalling unnecessary software


If you have unwanted software installed on your subconscious, uninstall it.


3. Delete unnecessary junk fight


Many different types of unnecessary files are created by the computer itself, these unnecessary files are called junk files.
You can speed up your computer by deleting junk files from time to time.
To delete a junk file, go to Run, type temp , press Enter and delete all the files in the temp folder. Delete the junk files by typing % temp%, prefetch and recent one by one.

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    4. Disk Defragmenter:


Disk Defragmenter is the process of arranging the data scattered in the sectors of the hard disk which increases the speed of data read-write. You can do Disk Defragment every few days or once a week.


To defragment the disk, run the program by typing Defragment and Optimize Drives in the computer’s search option. Then defragment the drives one by one.


    5. Disable Unnecessary Program Startup:


It is seen that it takes a long time to get ready after turning on the computer. One of the reasons for this is that many programs are enabled in Computer Startup. In other words, with the computer being turned on, the program also starts to be auto-turned on. So to speed up startup, disable unnecessary program Startup.


To turn off unnecessary programs Autostart, go to Run, type msconfig, press Enter, then right click and disable all the unnecessary programs.


   6 . Keep your computer virus free


Viruses can destroy all the data on your computer, so make sure your computer is virus free. You can use a good quality licensed antivirus. However, those who use Windows 10 will keep Windows’s own antivirus Windows Defender running.


Also, scan before using a portable hard disk or pen drive.

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7 . Keep Windows, drivers and software updated:


Use updated operating system or Windows. Also install the latest Windows update.


Keep drivers and software updated along with Windows, which will increase your computer performance.


   8 . Close the memory killer program


If you suddenly see that your computer is working very slow, then go to Task Manager and check which program is using more resources, write that program from Task Manager and do End Task. If possible, uninstall.


To open Task Manager , press Ctrl + Shift + Esc from the keyboard or right click on Task Manager.


    9. Delete Browsing History and Cookies:


Since Browsing History and Cookies use your RAM and Cache, you can keep your computer running by deleting them regularly.


To delete Browsing History and Cookies, go to browser and press Ctrl + Shift + Delete thenselect Everything from Clear All History and click OK.


    10. Hardware upgrade:


If your computer still works slowly after following the above tricks, then you need to think about computer hardware upgrade. In that case you can upgrade the processor, RAM and hard disk.


However, since the processor is expensive, you can at least upgrade the HDD to SSD and add new RAM. Which will be helpful for your multi-task.

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