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How To Start Blogging?


This article discusses what blogging is and how to get started. You can learn how to make money by blogging from blogging tutorials.

Online business has gained a lot of popularity these days. And blogging is one of the ways to earn money . If you want to take blogging as a career or if you want to earn money by blogging to meet your pocket money in addition to studies or other work then we request you to read today’s full article.

Welcome to this website! I am constantly creating blogging tutorials. Where I will try to tell, A to Z idea of ​​how to start blogging is a complete blogging tutorial. Today is the first part of this series of tutorials.

I am a content writer and blogger, I regularly write articles on content writing and blogging on this website. If you want to know and learn about content writing and blogging then this website can help you. So let’s go to the main topic.

What is blogging

What is blogging?

Many people define blogging in many ways. In my opinion, blogging is the act of regularly writing about a particular topic on one’s own or someone else’s website. But in most cases, we mean blogging, writing on our own personal website. And if you write on someone else’s website, I just want to call it content writing.

Suppose you are experienced and proficient in one subject. In this world of internet you can easily share your expertise and experience with others all over the world if you want. You can make a website yourself or make a website with someone and write there regularly. This is basically blogging.

It is true that you can earn a good amount of money by blogging. Millions of people around the world have chosen blogging as their profession and are regularly earning a lot of money. Many people want to build their own career in blogging.

How much money can be made by blogging?


I have already said that millions of people all over the world are earning through blogging. They have also chosen it as their main career. That means you can understand how much money can be earned by blogging. How much you can earn from it depends on the quality of your writing and what you are writing about.

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Earnings are the same in each subject. For example, blogging on Insurance, Online Education, Job, etc., the amount of income is more than other topics. The more people want to read articles online, the higher the income.

If you can write articles fairly well, you can rank the website in Google, then you can earn up to 100-500 dollars monthly by blogging in most used language.

And if it is in English, then the amount of income can increase to two times several times. So if you want to earn money by blogging then this may be a good decision for you.

The present and future of blogging


Blogging is a creative work. If you can show your creativity here, you can survive and if you can’t show it, you have to drop out.

Blogging is slowly becoming a huge industry. From this it is easily understood that it is a promising profession. However, in some cases it can not be called a good career. E.g.

Suppose you want to learn something practical about a subject, can you read it by reading an article or a blog? It will definitely be a lot harder. But you can easily master the subject by watching the video.

Would you like to watch a video on YouTube or anywhere else if you want a description or information about something else? Maybe not. That is why blogs or articles will be more useful for you than videos.

For example, if this post was not so theoretical but practical, then it would be easier to explain the content through video than blog.

There are some things that blogging would not be a good decision at all. Such as tutorial type content. Blogging can be a great career for information, guidelines, review type content.

What does it take to blog?

Blogging doesn’t have to be this way. Many do not need powerful computers or laptops, nor do they need to know rocket science. All you need to do is start blogging.

A laptop or computer (but can also be done on mobile), proficient in content writing, fairly on-page and off-page SEO and enough patience and morale. With these things in mind, I hope you can start this profession and become a successful blogger.

There is no substitute for patience and morale to succeed in any profession online. No matter what you do, you must be patient, have confidence in yourself, and have the ability to persevere.

How do I start blogging?


The success of any endeavor depends largely on proper planning and implementation. So before starting any work, one must come up with a good and effective plan. Here are some steps you can take to begin the process of preparation for blogging.

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The steps are:


  • Select niche.
  • Learning content writing.
  • Learning SEO.
  • Website building.
  • Publish regular articles.
  • Monetize the website.

Select niche

If you want to start blogging and earn money by blogging, first you have to select a right niche or topic.

There are some niches that earn more, that is, CPC (CPC-Cost Per Click) is much higher. For example, if you write articles about insurance, online education, job, etc., you get good income from them.

But if you look at the CPC and choose the topic, you will not be able to go far and do anything good. For blogging, choose a niche or topic in which you are an expert, who you know well and are interested in.

Because if you choose a subject that you are not interested in and do not have the knowledge and skills, then it will be seen that at the end of the day you could not do anything, you will be disappointed.

Learning content writing

The basic thing about blogging is content writing. If you don’t know content writing then blogging is not for you. It is said, “Content is king”. The key to a website is its content.

You must learn content writing well to start blogging. Then you should come to this sector. To learn more about content writing, my website has a series of articles on it, including a series of articles that you can follow.

You will also find many video tutorials and free courses on YouTube for learning content writing. You can see them. Content writing is a creative job, it takes a lot of time to learn and regular practice.

Learning SEO


There is no substitute for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for ranking any website in search engine. Wrote a good article but did not make it SEO Optimized, but grandpa will not be anything. So you have to learn SEO besides writing beautiful articles.

You must have a basic idea of ​​what on-page SEO, off-page SEO and technical SEO are and how to do them. Then you will get the complete idea by practicing slowly.

With your encouragement we will come up with SEO related tutorials in the near future.

Website building


Once you have a fair idea about what blogging is and how to make money blogging, then you need to create a website. Nowadays it is possible to create a website with a few clicks using different CMS (Content Management System) platforms. E.g.

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WordPress and Blogger are the most popular CMS platforms in the world. And both of these can be used for free. However, you don’t have to buy domain hosting on Blogger, but you do have to buy domain and hosting to build a website in WordPress. In some cases, themes and plugins may need to be purchased.

If you can make your own website then good. And if you want to avoid the hassle of making this website, you can make a website with me. I create blogger websites and do customization services.

Publish regular articles


If you can complete all the above steps, then the next step is to publish regular articles on the website.

As I have said before, the success of any endeavor depends largely on proper planning and routine. So you have to publish regular articles on the website to increase the visitors and retain the visitors.

Make it a routine. How many articles will you publish every week and how many articles will you publish every few days? Try to post at least 2 articles every week. Writing articles on a regular basis maintains the continuity of the work and the speed of the work, with which the visitors get confidence in your writing.

Monetize the website


Once all of the above steps have been passed, the next step is to monetize your website. How to make money by blogging if you do not monetize the website? There are several ways to monetize a website. E.g.

The most popular digital ad networks – show ads from other ad networks including AdSense, do affiliate marketing, promote your own business and so on. There are many e-commerce companies, including Amazon, for affiliate marketing, which offer their affiliate marketers various commissions.

Here are some ways you can monetize your website. However, the most popular way to earn money through blogging is through Google AdSense.

Last word


The above article was about how to start blogging and how to make money by blogging. It was not possible to give details about all the issues here.

Because if you go to a post about everything, the article will get much bigger and you will lose the patience to read it.

I will publish many more articles later on how to make money by blogging. Then hopefully you will get a good guideline on how to start blogging and earn money.


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