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How to take care of skin in winter? 


Winter is all about eating and drinking, and eating and drinking, and dressing and grooming. The dew drops glistening on the grass with the arrival of the winter old woman and the blanket of fog in the desert of the path, waking up late and chatting with a cup of tea in hand, is very pleasant and enjoyable isn’t it? But for many, winter is the name of a panic!

At this time, when you think of bathing, it seems as if you feel cold, you don’t even drink water properly due to laziness, various diseases occur. With cracked lips, cracked feet and the skin is rough!

How to take care of skin in winter

Huge changes come in our daily life and eating habits. At this time due to low humidity our skin becomes dry and looks a bit old and lifeless.

In winter, the skin’s adaptive capacity is greatly reduced. If you do not take care of the body at this time, along with the physical illness, the skin glow is also losing day by day.

In winter, all skin types need extra care. Proper care at this time will keep you beautiful and vibrant.

How to take care of skin in winter?

Let’s find out –

Drink enough water

In the shivering of winter, even a very active person seems to become lazy. Kantha does not want to leave the blanket! In fact, the winter weather is like that. At this time almost all of us are lazy and the tendency to drink water also decreases.

In winter, the body is naturally dry. Drinking less water makes it more dry. In such a condition the toxins of the body cannot get out. This results in weakness, skin diseases, acne, skin burns, digestive problems, etc.

Since more than 60 percent of our body is water, so drink enough water without being lazy at this time. If you do not want to drink cold water, you can also drink light hot water.

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Drinking hot water causes sweating; Which helps our body excrete toxins. In addition to increasing the blood circulation in the body, the skin is smooth and vibrant.

Use sunscreen

Sunscreen is said to protect the skin. Makeup is not mandatory when going out, but sunscreen is mandatory! Not using sunscreen can lead to sunburn, wrinkles, blemishes, and even skin cancer.

Due to low humidity in winter, the skin becomes dry. And on this occasion the sun’s UV rays play twelve of the skin! But many people have misconceptions about not using sunscreen in winter.

Whether it is summer or winter, the harmful rays of the sun are present in all seasons. So it is important to use sunscreen even in winter. Apply sunscreen half an hour before going out. When buying sunscreen, make sure that it is a sunscreen with SPF 15-30.

Moisturize the skin

It is much more important to keep the skin moisturized in winter. During this time, our skin becomes rough due to inclement weather and we get older. So it is essential to use moisturizer to retain the moisture of the skin after every face wash.

Moisturizer protects our skin from drying out and helps maintain skin moisture. Moisturizers should be used on all skin types, whether oily or dry. As a result of using it, extra layers are created on our skin; Which protects the skin from external dust and germs. As a result of using moisturizer, roughness of skin, wrinkles, sunburn / suntan and age marks are easily removed.

Even if you skip the moisturizing of the whole body by ensuring facial moisturizer in summer. However, in the face as well as the body moisturizing in winter, but must! In this case, most of us like lotion.

However, after applying the lotion, if you lightly scratch the nails, you will notice that there are spots like white lines. This proves that your skin is not well hydrated or moisturized.

To avoid this problem, use a lotion mixed with armond or olive oil. I can guarantee, if used in this way, your skin will be extra soft and extra radiant throughout the winter!

Take care of lips and feet

Dry weather is one of the causes of cracked lips and feet in winter. Dry winter weather is more dusty. Due to which dirt accumulates in the body and the skin becomes rough and dry.

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There are many more causes of skin rashes. Such as: drinking hot drinks (coffee, tea), wetting the lips with the tongue, hormonal problems, UV rays and lack of vitamin-A, vitamin-B, vitamin-B2, fatty acids, zinc, etc.

What to do to prevent chapped lips

01. Most people are lazy to drink water in winter, or do not want to drink because it is cold. This is exactly the reason why dehydration occurs in the body. And dehydration causes various skin problems. So drink 8-10 glasses of water daily.

02. Refrain from using matte or dry lipstick in winter. These make the lips very dry.

03. Avoid lifting the skin of the lips and do not wet the lips with the tongue.

04. Use lip balm or Vaseline for a while.

05. Using Vaseline can make the skin a little darker. If you want to keep your skin soft and pink, mix 3-4 teaspoons of almond oil, 2 teaspoons of honey and 1 teaspoon of aloe vera gel together and store it in a container.

Mix one drop of glycerin and 2/3 drops of water in cotton and rub lightly on the lips. After rubbing for 2-3 minutes, wipe with a damp cloth. Then apply the mixture. This mixture can be made once and used throughout the winter. Using it, your lips will be bright, soft and pink.

What to do to prevent foot cracking

Other parts of the body have oil glands. But there is no oil gland on the soles of the feet. There are only sweat glands. Due to lack of sweat in winter, the moisture in the soles of the feet is lost and the feet become very dry. That is why we usually break our legs in winter. Drink plenty of water to prevent foot rash and-

01. Wear socks in colder weather.

02. Massage olive oil on the feet after bathing.

03. Before going to bed at night, massage glycerin on the feet and apply petroleum jelly. Then go to sleep wearing socks. This will make the feet warm faster and the cracked feet will start to decrease within a week.

04. Soak your feet in hot water for about 15 minutes. Afterwards wipe the feet well with a little dry cloth. Then mix 1 teaspoon of lemon juice, 3-4 drops of glycerin and amount of Vaseline together and apply the mixture well on the feet. Use every night to get fast results. This is an effective way to prevent leg cramps.

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05. For those whose legs are very broken, if they feel pain or bleeding when they put their feet on the floor, they should seek medical help immediately.

Keep hair dandruff free

I was discussing how to take care of your skin in winter. But I must have wanted to know why I pulled the hair here, right? Yes.

When dandruff is applied on the face, acne appears on the face. Sweat, oil, fungus, dead cells all combine to cause dandruff. And it is very normal for acne to appear on the skin after these.

Dandruff can make your beautiful hair and beautiful face ugly in an instant due to a little carelessness in winter. Examples that do not cause dandruff in winter are very rare. Due to low humidity in winter, the skin becomes dry.

Besides, there are many who take bath every two or three days in winter. Again, there are many who do not wet their heads well in winter. If you do not clean your hair regularly, you will get fungus on your head.

Dandruff is also caused by fungus. It also reduces the tendency to drink water in winter, which causes dandruff. So to avoid embarrassing conditions like acne, take care of your skin as well as your hair in winter.

Now let’s hope-

Ways to get rid of dandruff in winter season

01. Refrain from using hot water on hair.

02. Drink enough water and eat orange juice.

03. Blend the amount of neem leaves and then massage a little salt on the scalp. Then leave the neem mixture for 20-30 minutes and shampoo it. Use this mixture once a week to keep hair dandruff free. If you have more dandruff, use it 2-3 times a week.

04. You can also mix 5-6 teaspoons of lemon juice, 2 teaspoons of onion juice, one teaspoon of salt together and apply it well on the scalp and wait for half an hour and wash it off. Twice a week. You will also get good benefits.


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